Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Betriebsausflug / Annual work outing

Auf unserem Betriebsausflug 
 sehen wir die Köhlbrandbrücke im Miniatur-Wunderland 
 in klein. Später überqueren wir sie dann in natura.

At the annual work outing 
 we see the Köhlbrand-Bridge in small in the Miniatur-Wonderland. Later then we're passing the bridge in nature.

Bei der 'Auge in Auge mit den Giganten'-Bustour geht es nach der Passkontrolle in den Hafen. Der Tourguide erzählt und erklärt während der Fahrt uns Hamburgern viel Interessantes über den Hafen. Den Burchardkai gucken wir uns näher an...

With the bustour 'Eye in eye with the giants' it goes after the passport control into the harbour. The tourguide tell and explain us many interesting things during the drive about the harbour to us Hamburger. We have a closer look at the Burchardkai...

... and machen eine Pause im Duckdalben, einem Seemannsheim.

... and take a break in 'Duckdalben', a home for seamen.

Wegen einer Bombenentschärfung 
einer Bombe aus dem 2. Weltkrieg können wir unsere Tour nicht wie geplant nach Altenwerder fortsetzen. 
Wir nehmen aber wie gewollt die Fähre 
von Finkenwerder zum Museumshafen Oevelgönne über die Elbe... nun umkreisen wir den Burchardkai auf dem Wasser.

Because of a bomb disposal 
from a bomb of the Worldwar II we can't continue our trip as scheduled to Altenwerder.
But we take as planned 
the ferry from Finkenwerder to Museumshafen Oevelgönne across the River Elbe... now we orbit the Burchardkai on the water.

Dort wartet ein leckeres Buffet im historischen Wartehäuschen auf uns. 
Vis-à-vis wird am Burchardkai weitergearbeitet, während bei uns langsam die Lichter ausgehen.

There is waiting for us a delicious buffet in the historic ferry shelter. 
 Vis-à-vis at the Burchardkai the work is going on, during the lights at our place slowly go  off.

Großer Dank an die Firma! Thank you very much to the Company!


  1. great story!

    I am born in Rotterdam
    and because of that
    at least that is what I think
    I love harbors
    I like to go there
    on foot
    or water

    I enjoyed your trip!

    p.s. will you send me your address by e-mail?!

  2. Dear Ariane,
    Truly wonderful!
    I grew up in a small town with a quite large harbor. The construction, engineering and all I really don't understand what's for, amazes me. In addition there's the particular smell, sound and rythm. It fascinates even this rural heart.

  3. you may not believe this, but i love image #first and #last so very much! eerie almost...
    i love visiting industrial sites.
    did you have a ball? of course you did!!

  4. sweet ariane, i love harbors too! don't know if i like the one in bremen
    (i was born there) more than hamburg, but i think i can love them both...
    huch spinn ich denn, ich schreib dir auf englisch. tss. ♥ julia

  5. Dear Harbour-brides,
    I can feel your heart beats as mine do! Grown up close to the free port customs barrier I love the harbour.
    The swaching water at the quay wall, the engineering with its own sounds and rythm... its a choreography of a special dance! And than: the smell of the big wide world... connected by water.

    Did I have a ball? Don't know, what it means, dear Nadine, but sounds good. I think so.

    See you all by bike at Rachel's 'Hi happy panda'!

  6. dear a
    i remember those cranes of hamburg when i visited there. i have some great memories in general from hamburg. st pauli...etc. nice coffee places. autumn walks.
    and just like patrice i have a connection to the harbor in rotterdam. harbors have a special atmosphere.
    enjoy your weekend

  7. hamburg, hach! hafen, oevelgönne, schiffchenfahren - all das muss ich immer machen, wenn ich dort bin. ohne wasser gehts nicht! dein ship-challenge-bootsbau-post hat mir auch sooo gut gefallen!
    hab ein schönes, sonniges elb-wochenende und sei herzlich gegrüßt von mano

  8. I grew up on the harbour here in Sydney!
    In a great suburb called Balmain - surrounded by water and ships coming in and out and we caught ferries everywhere.
    And all families had boats.
    My father worked on the docks for a time and I would go up in the cranes.





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