Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Confessions and Liebster Blog

Die Königin von England und ich hatten bewegte Jahre.

The Queen of England and I had turbulent times.

Ich hatte Zeiten erlebt, die dunkel waren. Schwarz-weiss, hart.

I have seen dark times. Black and white, tough.

Und ich hatte rosige Zeiten.

And I have rosy periods.

Jetzt ist es so, dass sich beide Zeiten in mir getroffen haben. 
Ein wenig verunsichert es mich - und das ist gut!

Just now, it is that both times meets inside of me. 
A little I feel at a loss - and thats not bad!

Last but not least, lovely Rachel has sent me a Liebster Blog Award:

Makes me happy, especially in these times... Thank you, my dear friend!

I give it to SaraPirat and Milady Stephanie and Julia da Franca and Tatjana of Kleiner Salon and Eau de nil  and in my heart
to many more blogfriends with inspiring spaces .

The Liebster Blog Award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers

when you are given the award you:
. thank the one who gave you the award & post a link
. mention five blogs to forward the award & let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
. keep your fingers crossed that the chosen ones want to keep forwarding the award
(Thank you, dear Patrice :))



  1. Stormy seas, calm waters, we sailed them all ..and at certain times we look at our past, the future always a certain mystery, hopes and dreams...
    wishing you lots of rosy times
    beautiful mirror photo, the missing corner :)

  2. Congratulations for your award! Well deserved dear Ariane.
    Rosy times, dark times they are all part of who we are. Aren't they? Lets accept them and simply go on ( I think that's something for every and each one of us...)

  3. dear friend,
    turbulent times
    black and white
    don't we all?
    I love your self portrait
    and the rose images with the strong shadows
    and that little movie
    suits your haircut!

    from the rainy Netherlands
    Patrice A.

  4. als ich die miniansicht deines neuen posts in meinem blog sah, dachte ich, welche schauspielschönheit aus den 20er jahren stellt uns ariane denn heute vor? das foto von dir ist umwerfend!

    meine liebe weise freundin. danke von herzen für den award. ich schrieb bereits etwas dazu auf meinem blog. du weißt, dass dein blog und der mensch dahinter zu meinen liebsten zählt.

    mein mann ist ab morgen in london unterwegs. ob die feierlichkeiten zu ehren der queen noch spuren hinterlassen haben? ich feiere dich und unseren wertvollen kontakt!


  5. ... schöner als tatjana kann man es ja nicht sagen!!
    liebste ariane, hab tausend dank du wundervolle, bin ganz ergriffen von deinen worten und fühle so tief und innig, mit dem mädchen, der jungen frau die sich durch die dunklen zeiten gekämpft hat! so ungleich beeindruckender als die queen;))
    herzensgruss, deine julia

  6. hee hee... tatler! it only just reminds me of absolutely fabulous, eddie comprising it to 'middle aged tat', which isn't far from the truth either. :)))

    but hey! punk head! love that!!
    there is a thin line between rough and rose.
    they outbalance one another.

  7. congratulations +
    thank you so much, dear ariane -
    a rosy moment on a dark migraine day )

    it's not easy, on the axis of a see-saw
    hold on firm !


  8. oh THANK YOU! for my award! I not able to post my thanks today but wanted to acknowledge this lovely gift!

  9. oh my dear
    thank you so much
    sorry for my late reaction.
    my sister is here on a visit! perhaps you remember her from berlin, lovisa?
    and i spend little time behind the computer.
    you might have noticed. what a sweet thing to find though, once i do, your reward!

    i love your handwriting by the way in the letter post here above.
    and what else. the photo of you. in your dark times...

    kiss and love
    from a sunny israel


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