Samstag, 9. Juni 2012


 In the night I wrote a  letter  to dear Mano
I added a few old photos from the fleamarket for her tiny boxes project to it
 and fold it like that and fixed it with masking tape:

The whole act reminds me on the pretty movie 'Bright Star' of Jane Campion... so you, too?

 In the morning through the pouring rain I walked to the post office to buy some pretty stamps... close to a field of peonies and smiling Franz Beckenbauer (the young one).

Look at those stamp... it isn't really pretty but 'Soccer Delighted Germany' (and me...) !

Now I hope that the ink did not wishy-washy 
because of the rain and the letter will arrive just in time to dear Mano, our hostess of this 
week's drawing challenge with... LETTER!

For more correspondence have a look at her amazing world, please.

17 Kommentare:

  1. dearest ariane! you are so great!
    your letter is a big treasure for me!
    I think your post must be shown to every child in school: how to write a letter and how can I make a great delight to someone.
    thank you so much! :-) mano

  2. your banner brings the outside world right inside, here. lovely!

    ha... bright star. ..
    and so are you... a bright star...
    writing poetry with your images and imagery. such a joy. i saw your letter-to-mano over at mano's... so i guess that means your letter arrived!

    you've done it, woman! you've actually done what i'm going on about... ha ha ha...

  3. dearest Ariane,

    your the greatest!
    that is what we all should have done!!
    i love the idea
    the handwriting (beautiful!)
    the setting, like a movie
    just great
    love the new banner
    I can almost smell that rose

    Patrice A.

    I am still struggling with my 'letter'
    will be a little late i guess

  4. I saw it, your letter at Mano's and here is the story about writing and posting it...well what a beautiful and heartwarming post and gesture,
    you wrote by romantic is that?!
    you are a rose, xx

  5. Ariane

    this is my favourite!!! I love it I went to mano saw your letter then came here you are very good at narratives my friend and tell a great story.

    Really enjoyed this have a wonderful weekend.

    Helen x

  6. That was a lovely idea Ariane!
    I complitely forgot about the challenge... but it's fun t osee what all came up with anyway : )

  7. really lovely and so romantic!
    With the stamp, too, that makes it so funny - welcome in the presence.
    Liebe Grüße Stefanie

  8. wie wunderbar! und ich sah, dass der brief bereits bei der empfängerin eintroffen ist. helle freude! einen handgeschriebenen brief zu bekommen war und ist immer was ganz besonderes!

    bin ganz angetan von deinem bunten kerzenleuchter! inspiring!

  9. Meine Güte, Ariane, ist das deine wirkliche Handschrift? Die ist ja mal sowas von schön! Und die Bilder...also wirklich, da freut sich aber jemand!! ;o)

  10. Eine wunderschöne Handschrift. Meine Kalligrafiefedern wollte ich auch schon lange mal wieder rauskramen...

    LG, Katja

  11. Dear Ariane! A lovely story, thank you! i do remember the young Franz Beckenbauer:) Leena

  12. My dear pen friends,
    I was outside with my family...
    and, wow, thank you for your comments here. Put me to the blush... I'm delighted!

    I will read your letters at your places next day(s).


  13. What a perfect romp! I love this journey of the written word, done in the light of candles with a stick pen nib made of metal on paper made from plant life fibres and created with the human hand and heart and walked to a post office to be mailed...and then the receive the missive. The whole thing is just so perfectly great! Thank you for sharing Ariane *smiles* Norma
    p.s. I was thinking that a great theme would be 'little' book, or 'tiny' book.

  14. Dear Ariane, such a lovely thing to do for Mano! It was fun going along to the postoffice with you. Thanks for the walk. :) Carole

  15. This is great! I love "being there" so to speak :) and your writing is superb!

    Oh and I just saw it on Mano's blog how totally cool is that :)

  16. i love your documentation of this most timeless ( and I fear lost) practice.
    lucky mano!
    also, your kiddlets on the tree tops! Oh my. How Greta would love this. Fun and challenging time while in the woods, what could be better?


  17. Was für eine super idee um ein briefr an Mano zu schicken, sie hat sich sicher riesig gefreut!
    Danke für dein besuch an meinem blog!



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