Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

dc: WHO AM I?

 Yes, who am I... ?

Am I today the result of my blurry past with many, many experiences so far? of my childhood with this special sister and parents? and family in the North of Europe? and environment? means conditions of socialisation in Hamburg, Germany?
Am I the result of my education? First school, than a Technical Drawer (because earning money and be on the right track...), after that Study of Communications Design with focal point Photography and Typography. 
I am working two or three days a week in an agency which provides all around the internet as a teamassistent at the front desk... not as a designer.

And what's about my today's own family with three children and husband?

 'Who Am I  - and if so how many?' is the title of a book (behind is a poster 'Fröknarna Solomon' watercolour by Swedish painter Anders Zorn, 1888). 
I've started to draw myself with a pencil from that picture I made with a long arm... and find more faces of me.  
The self portraits of Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck are coming in my mind... and I try to paint. That painting surprises me, 'cause that me is not laughing, rather looks a bit sad.


Tomorrow... I don't know. Only plans, wishes, imaginings...

Or: Am I this blog... 'Rose'?

 Or in the end am I only colours, am I oszillation, just changing energy?

Who knows?

Many questionmarks here, right?
Any questions from you to me?

Our sweet hostess Patrice A. asked 'WHO AM I?'.
For more tries to anwer please come to her marvellous place.


Now: No. 66 Patrice with 'WHO AM I?' at 23rd of June

Next: No 67 Norma with 'Drawing With The Non-dominant Hand' at the 30th of June

Who is next?

16 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane I wish I could sit with you to share a pot of tea so I could listen to some of the stories you have. I would enjoy that very much! Well your self-portrait is marvelous and I especially like the shading you've used. I'm just learning to draw and have found that you are all generous and encouraging and helpful to me. I feel safe and encouraged to press on with what I want to do. Have a splendid day, *smiles* Norma
    p.s. didn't mean to talk about myself so much here!!

  2. Ganz ganz toll, sehr sensibel und feinsinnig! Kompliment!
    lg, Kathi

  3. dear Ariane, i like that photo of your drawing on the table,
    there is so much 'you' in it; the pinks of painting and chair,the book (always well informed), you,the photographer and your mirror image.
    you managed to put some of that waggishly sweetness in your portrait that i saw in that photo of you a few posts back,
    and i always love the roses, xx

    i didn't knew Helene Sjerfbeck, thanks.

  4. Dear Ariane, i found myself much in harmony with your post, as many of the same questions were mine as i mulled over Patrice's challenge. I love your painting. -sus

  5. You are right. I have often wondered what kind of an Anna people would think of, if they only got a piece of paper that included my education, former occupations and some experiences. I've learned people are much more than just those things, and I'm not sure if they can all be explained. I think it's something one needs to _feel_ in another person, to become sure of who he/she is.

    Like you - I feel you are warm, openhearted and openminded, and even though you have your education I don't sence anything technical about you. You are all emotion and feelings, love, laughter and beauty. That's who I think you are. :)

  6. "it is what it is, and we are who we are" pops to mind.
    a panoply of you, i understand your need for creation. just looking at your blog and reading it, reveals all of this to the viewer, each and every time. (i also thank you for the peak sneek into your professional life. i have often wondered. so you and i, we both work parttime, do we?)...

    i snigger, for when i do a self protrait, whenever i dare doing one, i come out all angry or sad... i blame it on a lack of "technicity", but perhaps that's putting it mildly.
    i find you in the drawing of the faces! i see you there, or rather how i've come to know you {a bit}, in that drawing (next the book)!

    as ever, just a matter of time before we meet up. what i do realize is we should actually put up an event, for all these women we have come to 'know' a little.
    big hug, arianeschda.

  7. derest Ariane
    yes, many question-marks
    we all have ;^))

    I like the first image a lot
    but love the pencil-drawing
    hello you!
    and I can see you in the painting
    the you I got to know through this blog
    you who loves pink and roses
    the sweet romantic Ariane
    not sad, maybe a bit melancholic

    thank you for sharing!
    love and a hug
    Patrice A.

  8. Superschöner und vielseitiger Post! Ich find's großartig, von wievielen Seiten Du das Thema beleuchtest und das Portrait mit dem Spiegelselbstportrait zusammen aufgenommen gefällt mir von allen Bildern besonders.
    Richard David Precht hab ich übrigens auch gelesen, ein tolles Buch und sehr passend zu dieser sehr philosphischen Challenge!

    Liebe Grüße
    ♥ tanïa ♥

  9. I think your right- we are a compound of things - too many to mention and how beautiful is that...and sad and happy- your portrait looks knowing to me. And your blog is beautiful so I can only imagine that you are too ;)

  10. hallo ariane,
    vielen dank für deinen kommentar!
    das foto mit den vielen verschwommenen passfotos/ausweisen finde ich super und auch dein porträt ist toll gelungen :)
    liebe grüße, annelie

  11. You really are a rose, that is how I see you! Lovely post as always x Leena

  12. this has been very interesting, the questions that we all have, still unsolved, but eager to find out little by little. if ever.
    we are all in the same boat, this sharing, changing energy, makes us even more aware of it all? what do you think?

    it´s a thin line between laughter and cry, your painting tells that to us. i don´t know about you, but i love it when my work starts to talk to me :)
    hugs, my dear friend!
    ps. i almost literally grew up with helene´s work :)

  13. Hello Ariane

    Your pencil drawings are just my cup of tea simple but expressive. I love this narrative that you have put together.
    Yes we do have questions and I feel women are always evolving in their roles within society all related to age. A female in her 40s has many relating to who she is and where her place is in society and how she is perceived. It feel like we have to fight a little harder than the rest to have our value recognised.
    Design is a young persons cup of tea, fast paced and fresh like a newborn baby. Sometimes it feels like there is little space for the mature practitioner because the young designer is keen for you to move on so they can fill your spot.
    Art is freeing has less boundaries, expectations and is timeless.

    I always enjoy visiting you here in your blog Ariane. Your artwork and your stories are always interesting.

    Thanks for the point towards Helene Schjerbeck
    That same questioning is in her gaze. Her work and story requires further reading.

    Have a wonderful week

    Helen x

  14. liebste ariane, leena already said it,
    you are a rose, inside/outside and i loved you from the very first moment i saw you! herzenskuss, julia

  15. Hello Ariane, nice to read and see who you are :-)
    And congratulations with your sister !

    ** Ingrid

    1. My dear lovelies,
      I thank you from my bottom of my heart.
      Thank you very much.




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