Samstag, 30. Juni 2012


 I am right-handed. I have always been. BUT...

my teeth I brush with the left hand, my non-dominant hand and

 I even foam up the milk and infuse with the left hand.

 Long time ago I done a internship at a friend of my parents who was a potter. Her atelier was on Fehmarn, so I was away from my family. It was a nice spring, we were close to the waterside and we did a lot of fictile work. We had a really wonderful time together.


In order to create this piece on the fast pottery-wheel 
I had to find my center (and of course of the wheel!) and a good feeling in both hands.

 Drawing I do usually with my right hand.... up to this point.

In the evening I've turned the light on of this lamp and started.

Dear Norma makes me feel like a child again... she is our teacher and hostess for this weekend's drawing challenge. 
Please take a look at her place, even for more participants.


No. 66 Who Am I

Now: No 67 Norma with
'Drawing With The Non-dominant Hand' at the 30th of June

Who is next?

16 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Ariane

    its hard isnt it?
    but the results Im finding are quirky and energetic little cousins of our dominant hand drawings.
    Im liking these qualities in your drawings too.

    Maybe because we leave out details we would normally and quite confidently put in?
    So the cleaner lines and less detail give them a certain look.
    I think Im going to try this a little more often. I like the results.

    PS that little pot is gorgeous I collect pottery and little pots are a favourite.

    Have a good weekend Ariane x

  2. I love your first drawing!
    it looks great
    well, the others do too
    but that first one has something
    I don't know
    I like the insecure lines
    they are softer and, your apples look happy
    almost dancing


  3. Ariane I started drawing with my left hand (non-dominant for me) only a few weeks ago because of the drawings/art of Lynne Hoppe (the dear!) and she is in this challenge so everyone can easily link to her site to see lots and lots of her brilliant art...she's done many of these drawings. But she was my inspiration. It sounds like everyone had a blast at this party! I love your drawing. I am amazed at your bravery of choosing fringe!!! This drawing is so lovely and soft and the fruit exquisite. Love this. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. and you are so brave to choose a long straight skinny lamp stand! Amazing...xo

  4. Oh yes Ariane, I did forget to tell you that I loved that little pot, too! Ciao. N. xo

  5. I sometimes try to write with my left hand (I'm right handed), simply because it's supposed to be a good thing for the brain. It is hard, I know. Honestly, you draw better with your left, than I do wiyh my right. The shape and colour of your little pot is wonderful as well.

    This evening, I'll see if I can manage to brush my teeth with my left hand - and think of you!

  6. Ariane, your drawings and photographs are lovely. I wonder how you started brushing your teeth and frothing your milk with your non-dominant hand? Happy weekend to you! Carole

  7. Achingly beautiful pottery, Ariane. The drawings you made are full of quiet peace. I am fascinated with the fact of your ambidextrous activities... I wonder with Carole, how did that start??? -sus

  8. wow ariane, that's loooking good! and several copies too!
    there's a reason why i let my hand slide freely... if i were to draw precisely, i might even give up. i remember growing pretty desperate over drawing with my left hand for an exercise in school once upon a time.

  9. Yes this really looks very good Ariane, some of you really surprise and amaze me with this challenge, that's a more than decent still life and i looove that little pot you once made, xx

  10. Nicely done! I would never suspect use of your non dominant hand. Sounds like your gifted with a measure of ambidextrousness! ( I love that word)
    Nice to visit you dear Ariane. I have been a bit slow and quiet. Summer has me in a different rhythm, also being back in LA. Things are good. We are here through summer at least, then who knows...
    How I would love to get the chance to get to Europe again. We shall see.
    I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer!

  11. I am up for being host next week, or the week after, which ever is available.

    1. Thank you, dear Rachel,
      yes please, be our host this week!


  12. wow- nicely done Ariane! and I love that little pot- I took a pottery class a long time ago and I know what you mean about finding your center...and that of the wheel- it's a similar feeling when doing a drawing with the lesser used side..

    PS I am wishing I could get one of your coffee's right about now- looks delicious! ;)

  13. Oh, it was a difficult day for you using your nondominant hand!!! :)

  14. wunderbarer post zu diesem schönen thema von norma. ich hab es bedauert, nicht dabei sein zu können - ich finde es so spannend, mit links zu zeichnen. oder mit geschlossenen augen...
    aber es hat mir viel spaß gemacht, alle ergebnisse der challenge anzuschauen.
    lieben gruß, mano



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