Samstag, 4. August 2012


At the neighbouring Castle of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
the old Günther is calling to Eddie.
The Crow hears his voice and flies through the open window. Günther feed him with some  walnuts. He speaks with a calming vox to the bird. 

Today the old man wants to show that Crows like Eddie are very intelligent birds. Eddie confides him and allows to the old man that he sticks a red paper on his breast.

The Crow strides to a mirror on the desk, takes a look.

Than he cows 'NO NO', shakes his head...

... and he starts to remove the red point with his beak.
He tries to remove the red point from his breast...
Eddie, the Crow has understood that it is his reflection in the mirror!

I am really amazed at the high intelligence of crows. Sometimes it makes me afraid of them... they seems to be very knowing...
This drawing I've made with pencil and carbon on rawly paper.
Please have a look at our hostess of this week's drawing challenge dear Carole's for more CROWs.

 Now: No. 71 Carole with  'CROW' at the 4th and 5th of August 2012

Next: No 71 Norma with 'A Small Book' at the 11th and 12th of August 2012

Following: No 72 Ariane 

Who is our next host?

20 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane I like the movement in your drawing. It is a smooth knowing line that the crow makes through its' flight path. And that story and especially the illustrations to it is beyond awesome. So striking. The touch of red goes directly to my own heart. Just lovely.
    *smiles* Norma
    The moment I saw this bird with the red on its' chest, I thought of this:
    image which I have had in my favorites in flickr. for years.
    Awesome stuff!!!

    1. oh, dear Norma,
      thank you
      even for your hint to the red chest bird!

  2. Such a sweet faced crow, you are kind to the little devils.

  3. Handsome fellow, your crow, Ariane! I LOVE the red contrast against the blackness of the crow and that you made the reflection white. Until next week! xo

    1. I've made the reflection white because of the different meanings of Crows.
      Thank you for that special theme!

  4. Ariane, I love this narrative - your crow has such character - the idea of the mirror image, wow! These are beautiful drawings. xxoo, sus

  5. hee hee... intelligent bird. indeed! i all of a sudden wonder now... what birds were in hitchcock's? were they crows by any chance? scary movie! and oh, yeah! black and white.. gemini! ;)))
    i think i also quite like the rawness of your paper here. very interesting add-on.

    1. Oh, 'The Birds'... yes scary movie,
      dearest Nadeschda!
      There are Seagulls... and Crows. First one... than more and more!
      Do you know the book 'The Apple Tree' written by Daphne du Maurier, 1952? 'The Birds' is one story.

      Yes, Gemini ;)

      Love to you!

  6. dear storyteller.
    love love your drawing!
    crow heart greetings from tatjana

    1. Dear Tatjana,
      when I first seen the theme you come on my mind. you are still.


  7. This is such a good sketch Ariane!
    and the story is amazing! I had no idea crows are such intelligent creatures...

    Thanks for sharing : )

  8. Mir gefällt die Geschichte auch sehr und ich finde auch, dass deine Krähe irgendwie ganz süß guckt - also ein netter Kerl, nicht so einer der eigentlich ein Vampir ist oder zu ner bösen Hexe gehört - Krähen und Raben haben ja gern was unheimliches, vielleicht auch weil sie so schlau sind - na und dann der Marylin Monroe-Gang.
    Liebe Grüße
    P.S. Die Fußspuren habe ich auch gefunden.
    Hast du meine mail bekommen?

    1. Hahaha, Marylin Monroe Gang, liebste Barbara?!
      Manchmal, wenn ich Wäsche auf dem Trockenboden aufhänge, höre ich Schritte. Kein Hopsen, richtige Schritte. Dann ist es Eddie die Krähe oder eine andere aus der Familie. Vielleicht ist eine Marylin dabei... ich werde mal genauer hinschauen, wenn ich sie sehe.
      - Deine Mail habe ich bekommen, werde Dir auch heute noch antworten :) Gleich bewundere ich erst mal Deine Krähe!

  9. You are right, crows are very intelligent birds. And that is what make them a bit scary. But your crow is not scary at all, only beautiful! Sehr Schön!

  10. Look what I found!

  11. what a truly wonderful story and i just love the way you illustrated it.
    i sometimes talk to the crows in my garden and somehow they give me the impression they know my mood, special birds and clever indeed.

    as soon as i have more time i'll host a dc, but at the moment i hardly find an hour to paint and i don't like it but September will bring me time and i'm looking forward to that, xx

  12. I agree...I am always wondering about crows and what they must be thinking...your drawings are intriguing and wonderful story too!



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