Samstag, 11. August 2012


Here is a little book. 
The white front side and the black back side, held together by a golden thread.
That golden thread runs from rosy side to rosy side.

The last page is mirroring...


For this week's drawing challenge I've taken that line by Gertrude Stein and snippets from my mags and the golden roses (on the first page; made that stencil three lives ago and printed on wallpaper). I've designed single pages and sellotapes them to a fanfold, letting a golden thread runs through it.

Our hostess of this wonderful theme LITTLE BOOK is the dear Norma. Please, take a look at her creative place for more books.

Some years ago I made this little book above from single photos of my mother, even this book I've already showed you in parts for the 10. dc flower.

  No. 71 Crow

Now: No 71 Norma with 'A Small Book' at the 11th and 12th of August 2012

Following: No 72 Ariane 
at the 18th and 19th of August 2012
I'll tell you the theme at Monday morning

Who is our next host?

13 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful the way you carried the string through the book, Ariane.
    Have a wonderful weekend. We're cooking here at 30*C! Ugh.

  2. Your creativity never stops to amaze me, Ariane. The book is obviously beautiful, just beautiful.

  3. folliwing the curve of that string and wander from page to page,(lovely foldout idea)i could almost smell the roses, a dreamy little book Ariane and a well chosen theme:) xx

  4. Sweet Ariane, our Rosie friend - your golden thread ties together these delightful pages so beautifully. xxoo, sus

  5. How unique and creative! I never would have thought of an idea like that. I wish my mind would walk the same kind of paths yours does! :)

  6. from rosy side to rosy side, it has a fantastic ring to it. oh, is that line by gertrude stein?? it could so easily have come from you, dear!
    three lives ago! hee hee.... i know that feeling.
    the photos of your mum look lovely.

  7. Ganz wundervoll liebe Ariane und SO passend! Wie könnte anders sein, als ein Meer von Rosen, Front und Rückseite mit dem goldenen Bändchen gefallen mir auch SEHR!
    P.S. Freu mich auf morgen!!!!!!

  8. dieses zarte kleine buch konnte nur von dir sein!
    herzlichst, mano

  9. I can't stop saying in my head, A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose...
    Breathtaking little book, Ariane.
    I have some pretty roses on my table now that are falling apart but I can't bear to say goodbye to them.
    Your book I want to hold, that golden thread throughout, so pretty.
    You inspire me, dear lady,with your elegant touch.
    Thank you for the kind words on my wee M.A. book. They went out with the invitations so that kids could have a little history first and be inspired to dress up. We had royal and rebel at the party. It was a hoot. The Sophia Copolla movie was great to watch, so rich in it's design and she stayed true to her story. As true as we know anyway. It was a learning experience for me, as well. I love homeschooling!
    Have a great day!

  10. A lovely little book, so beautiful. I love the movement of the string throughout the book

  11. Ariane, following that golden thread through the pleasure of the rose is an exquisite art book experience. Just completely beautiful. I love your little book. And I'm touched to see a bit of the book you made of your mother. The theme this week was really fun for me and to see all of the different styles and creative energy flowing is a real romp. I'm looking forward to what you are giving us for the theme for this week. I will be working to finish the little tea bag paper book that you won. [I have to find it first around this place!!!] *smiles* N. xo

  12. How wonderful! and how clever! You are amazing, and of course Roses!

  13. Such wonderful imagery in your both of your books Ariane. You do have a great eye for composition. Your idea of the running thread is the icing on the cake. Clever!

    Looking forward to this weeks challenge too....

    See you on the weekend

    Helen :)



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