Samstag, 17. November 2012


I was in a cold sweat and sweat blood in nightmares
 Fear of pursuit, attack on my children that I couldn't guard... bad dreams

Of slavery
condamned to wear a habit of a pseudo religion
have to be a suggorate mother

 as many women.

 During reading the fantastic book 'The Handmaid's Tale' written by Margaret Atwood in 1985, I am even imbued with big gratefulness for my freedom... for having habits like making art and do blogging. Using the example of Gisèle D'Ailly shows how important and essential for survive art can be: in World War II she cached youths in occupied Netherlands in her own home. During the time of couldn't get outside they made art and poems together inside.

Dear Kristen choose the theme habit. Please take a look at her vived blog. You will find there more particpants of this weekly dc, too. I verge on the theme habit in different ways.
That book is only a story, thank God... to me. Other people in this world are not so lucky right know.

Wish Peace, Freedom and Love to you all.


Now: No. 83 Kristen with HABIT at the 16th + 17th of November

No. 84 Patrice with 'Little Red Riding Hood' at the 24th + 25th of November

No. 85 Elisabeth from 'garnapa' (formerly known as 'textilspanieln', she is the initiator of this drawing challenge in January 2011)


12 Kommentare:

  1. Dank Dir für den nachdenklich stimmenden Beitrag, sehr sensibel und berührend.
    Und schöne Bilder!
    Ein ebensolches Wochenende wünscht Dir,
    Der d.c. ist eine großartige Gewohnheit!

  2. oh thàt habit.
    wait a minute, did it pursue you?
    poor queenie, you don't deserve that!

    you're right, you're too right.
    all of these habits, and habits...
    atwood, of course, being another monument.

    i like your post very much. it is almost tactile.
    ha. we should meet up. really.

  3. Yes, habits can be fearsome and dangerous or happy and inspiring. I start to read your text with the first mentioned feeling and end up focusing on the part about art. I had exactly that kind of feeling today! I got lost in inspiration and creation, starting up the new blog I feel positive about, meeting you - "old" friends ;) - and nearly bursting with that familiar wish to create stuff in different materials. I got to sew, stitch and paint at the same time. Happy.

    Thank you, Ariane, for meeting me again!

  4. Für uns fast selbstverständlich, dass wir in friedlichen Zeiten leben (hier zumindest)und frei all den Dingen nachgehen können, die uns am Herzen liegen. Andere hatten (und haben) nicht dieses Glück. Und trotzdem ist der Mensch manchmal offenbar in der Lage, selbst in den schlimmsten Situationen noch die erstaunlichsten Dinge hervorzubringen, Texte, Bilder, Melodien...Kreativität hat eine enorme Kraft. Wünsche Dir in Zukunft alptraumfreie Nächte!

  5. What a unique take on this- I read that book ages ago and remember being very moved by it! I love your glass objects...and the habit as it is worn- very clever- so much here to think about Ariane!
    I've had two bad nightmare this week too-as well as my daughter, perhaps something is in the air, so to speak :)

  6. The book you mention made a big impression on me, Ariane. I read it a long time ago, but still remember the horror of the world Atwood created. The two photos evoke the story for me effectively but I can not describe why. Best wishes for a free wheeling week ahead. -sus

  7. sending you a big hug.
    that is all for now.

    perhaps i will put this on the to read list...

  8. Ariane, first I want to say that ("Toad's trump...!") a few posts down put a huge smile on my face. That is such a fabulous picture.
    Well my dear, this powerful thinking you have about enjoying freedom, enjoying art, and the knowledge that art is a saving grace rings true for me too. I think that one would make art out of anything one could get one's hands on, if it came to it. Like squeezing berries to get juice, and painting on rocks...maybe scratching drawings with oyster shells...I loved this post. Have a wonderful day today, hugs, Norma, x

  9. ich schick dir frischen nordseewind zum vertreiben aller alpträume!
    und ja, wie glücklich können wir sein, zu malen, zu denken, zu lieben, uns zu freuen.
    herzlichst, mano

  10. dear Ariane, i never read that book, but i just learned about it on Wikipedia, than came back and understood your glass bell worlds,very clever and subtile translation of thoughts and emotions and beautiful to look at,

    yes, we are so lucky, xx

  11. oke
    now this is a different habit
    I love how your beautiful mind works

    thank you!

    with love

  12. i love to follow your thought processes as much as your journeys )




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