Samstag, 3. November 2012


When we look at this rose, do we think that she is real?

We have got numbers for colours, 
because we see them different (here its RAL 3009 oxide red)

'Girl with the Pearl Earring'...

Do you know that painting of Dutch painter Jan Vermeer?
I interpret that painting with that photo here. So, its different from the original but its depending on it.

Oh, this theme has been like a cake of soap for me... 
even though I am the host 
of this week's drawing challenge (dc) with PORTRAYAL/ABBILD.
I am very excited what the other participants have found. 
Please have a look at these artists here, too:

Since January in 2011 we are meeting for a weekly drawing challenge. Each week there is another host who choose a theme. Participant from all over the world can say 'count me in!' and comes (virtual) together and posts their piece of art on their own blog, linking back to the host. 

Now: No. 82, I am your host with PORTRAYAL/ABBILD

No. 83 Kristen at the 16th + 17th of November

No. 84 Patrice at the 24th + 25th of November

12 Kommentare:

  1. that's quite an interesting intersection, the image depending upon what one sees, how one sees it, and the inevitable referral.
    in actual fact, that's what we do too, in this our circle.
    you seem to have had that same musing...
    enjoy your sunday... i know you will.

  2. sweet Ariane
    I had that same painting in my head
    but no time to make something specially for the dc
    I show what I have been doing these past weeks

    and yes
    we all see things differently
    see what we want to see
    what we expect

    I really liked this theme!!

    Patrice A.

  3. Well, a beautiful likeness of the original painting in your Rosie hues of course. Thank you for this interesting theme, A., and have a relaxing Sunday... -sus

  4. thank you for this theme dear ariane, love your pictures, as always!
    don't forget the little ghostbook project! i really would to do that! xxxxxxx julia

  5. Very very beautiful and your interpretation of Vanmeer is terrific - who is this beautiful girl?

  6. Was hab ich den für einen Scheiß geschrieben? Vermeer natürlich. Ich Trottel, aber gut, wenn man sieht, wie es in meinem Kopf zugeht, ist das wohl auch kein Wunder.

  7. beautiful portrait!! I love it- what a treat of a theme, it really made me think (in a good way) about how we all see and portray parts of ourselves through creating- Thank you!

  8. Ein wunderschönes Portrait und sehr nahe am Original. Ich mag auch den Film sehr.
    Leider hab ich es nicht geschafft, für dieses Wochenende etwas beizutragen, da ich familiär zu sehr beansprucht war. So schade. :-(

    Herzlich, Katja

    1. Liebe Katja,
      ich habe heute morgen einfach Deine Murmeleicheln verlinkt :) Und Du hast ja Schönes erlebt!

      Liebe Grüße, Ariane.

  9. again a great 'abbild' Ariane, i liked your Fantin-Latour cup a lot and here again one sees immediatly 'girl with a pearl earring' although it is your interpretation of it the link is made directly, beautifully done, beautiful model too
    this was a great theme, one could go on making 'abbilds', thanks, x

  10. Hello Ariane!
    such a thought provoking theme and you have portrayed Vermeer beautifully in this portrait. The focal point of the pearl earring through to the gaze and around the swath of cloth and back to pearl. Eyes travelling round and round so hypnotic and so enjoyable.

    The blush pink is a fabulous shade of pink one of my favourites.

    I really enjoyed this post a lot and the challenge you will find my response very different from yours cant wait to see the others.
    Have a wonderful week Ariane

    Helen :)

  11. Ariane this was one of the most enjoyable themes I have experienced with this group, in the short time that I have been playing along. It was cerebral!!! Awesome idea. Love Norma, x



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