Montag, 26. Mai 2014


Bei schönstem Wetter sind wir zu einer Feier an der Bille eingeladen

At clearest weather we are invited to a festivity at the River Bille 

und die Kinder kapern das Tretboot. 
Ich fotografiere mit der leichten Kamera von meinem Mann den Himmel im Wasser
 und trete auch eine Runde mit.

and the kids seize the pedal boat. 
I photograph with the light camera of my husband the sky in the water
 and step for a stroll, too.

*sigh* wonderful!

Our next host for the dc this weekend is...Roberto!
He will announce at pace his theme, so please stay tuned :-)


  1. i have been searching for shadow play in these your images and was not disappointed! wonderful shades...

    and the fascination of the day is captured magically, water is so forgiving, for reflection is.

    your hubby's camera works wonders too!
    or could that be the avid photographer, who's apt at any device?

  2. Einfach wunderschön und man sieht, du machst auch die tollsten Fotos mit der kleinsten Kamera und man muß gar nicht erst ans Ende der Welt fahren wie wir es taten um seinen Sommerspaß zu haben!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. This place is wonderful, bucolic.
    You live near this Paradise?
    You can not have stress there!
    (Again, thanks for the invitation to DC)!!!!

  4. Ah water- sigh- how could you not take those wonderful pictures Ariane :)

  5. wow, this looks like so much fun!
    hugs from sweden



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