Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

dc #136: Memory


 And I ride and I ride...

(from Cologne via Hannover to Hamburg) 

and I read and read and read during a big cloudburst

In my memory of reading this book on that travel last week are these words:

"(...) As if finest pollen light on a surface of a transparent beeing (...)"

so is memory

 I am surrounded by lovely objects of memory 
and I am steeped by memory, annexed memory (included in body)

 I can find in so many things an impulsion for memory... on people, in flowers, on episodes
(maybe the experience of my age ;-)

 memory is multimedia... a fragrance, a sound, a sight e.g. a special kind of touch suffices.

I wanna be (and feel) more in here and now in the present (wanna create the future instead of only manage the past).
Memory is fleeting. Nobody can clutch it (like love). And it is here, ever.

For this drawing challenge with the theme memory of our host sunny Kristen I use the pollen of Queen Anne's lace and (paradoxically) the shape of my
 paperdoll of the very first dc.

Please, don't forget to look at Kristen's art place for more memory of more participants.

Wish you a wonderful day with sweet memories


today: No 136 with memory at Kristen's

No 137 with Roberto at the weekend of the 31st of May + 1st of June

No 138 at Patrice's

. . .

Who is our next host?


11 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane, what a great concept to use the pollen and the first challenge artifact to depict memory for this challenge. Your photos always have a way of evoking sweet (mysterious) memory for me.

  2. I love all the different connections in this post- the train ride and how moody, the quote from the book- the pollen of your pieces the bouquets- it's like a lovely sentence of longing and remembrance.
    Simply lovely Arianne! Thanks so much for playing this weekend- hugs K

  3. I was wondering how you did the pollen people, very cleaver and lovely. So wonderful to consider your journey's full of memories and to see one through your camera lens. So many beautiful memories and images.

  4. wauw, that train ride!

    i love your pollen-drawing of three Graces ;^))
    just a tiny wind and they will be gone
    only the memory remains
    such a wonderful post

    Patrice A.

  5. It's great to see how memory's are working for you. You really were there in that moment, you saw all those beautiful, mysterious, different clouds. Great!

  6. well, you are adding a new, beautiful reference to what memory is about. i know i am to reread your post tonight, it is so filled with much, with the essence of you too, of what i could grasp, meeting and then letting go.

    i haven't read a murakami. i should, shouldn't i? i sense it i better.
    the image of the train wagon at night is so beautiful, perfect light, soul light.
    drawing with pollen... these fleeting images translating itself into a fond memory of earlier creations and meetings...
    it does not stop, does it? and i'm glad it doesn't stop.
    you are in your element yourself, ariane, when you travel.
    it shows.
    and i like it.

  7. Du hast mir ja von dem Gewitter und dem Himmel erzählt, aber das dann zu sehen topt alles, das ist der absolute Wahnsinn, was für eine Reise, die nicht allein mit ein paar Gewitterbildern endet, sondern wie Nadine es sagt, es geht weiter, man saugt Erlebnisse ein, bildet daraus Erinnerungen und zusammen mit kleinen Erinnerungsstücken bilden sie ein Mosaik eines gelebten Lebens, das wie man sieht interessant und vielfältig ist. Die Pollen"zeichnung" dazu ist genial, flüchtig wie ein Gedanke und poetisch wie eine Erinnerung!.
    Der Hottentot leistet mir bei meinen Erinnerung schöne Gesellschaft ; )
    barbara bee

  8. I really like the beautiful contrasts you´ve used. Love the flower photos.

  9. Hi, Ariane, it struck me: "Memory is fleeting Nobody can clutch it (like love) And it is here, ever.."
    And I started thinking about this intangible, like memory, or love
    and came to me, the idea that we ourselves are memory and love. then, in us, memory and love are embodied, become tangible
    give to others love, and that love will be transformed into memory.
    I loved your post!
    Thank you.!!

  10. ich mag deine reisebilder, ganz tolle ästhetik und ein bisschen schwermütig - sehr schön
    x stefanie

  11. Wun. Der. Schön.
    Mehr kann ich gar nicht sagen.
    Ich bin geflasht von der Pollenzeichnung (zunächst dachte ich, es seie Zucker)...
    Lass Dir vom Wochenende viele neue Erinnerungen bringen!!



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