Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Brussel en Geraardsbergen


Der Katalog von Michaël Borremans 
liegt hier schon länger in der Burg am Eisenbach... zugeschweißt... beherrschte mich, bis wir die Ausstellung in Brüssel gesehen hatten.

The catalog of Michaël Borremans
is here for quite some time in the Castle at the Eisenbach... welded in... I mastered myself, since we had seen the exhibition in Brussels.

It is a really good one!
(sorry, no photos from the exhibit... 
here is short interview of Michaël Borremans from the German TV)

Barbara Bee, woolfy Nadeschda en Patrice A. 
and me, together!

stärken uns mit Frieten... invigorate us with Frieten (chips)

und steigen in den Zug... and enters the train

Lots of talks and tea at Nadeschda Nadine's (oh, so nice! mooi! open-hearted!)

Patrice fährt abends wieder nach Hause nach Holland... Patrice drive back home to the Netherlands at the evening

und am nächsten Morgen... and at the next morning...

fahren wir 3 wieder nach Brüssel... we 3 go to Brussels again

Dort wir gehen ins Le Pain Quotidien 
(genau dem Bäcker-Café, wo ich mit meinem Mann vor 21 Jahren war und von wo ich nun meiner Familie Brot und Noisella mitbringe!)

There we go to Le Pain Quotidien
(just the boulangerie, where I was together with my husband 21 years ago and where I take some bread and noisella for my family today!)

(Fortsetzung folgt... to be continued...)


  1. oh, i so hope we can continue meeting like this, ariane. you cannot believe, or most probably you can, how WONDERFUL it is to see the place i make my life in through your eyes...
    i am happy i have made you feel at home. it was an honour to have you. after all, you are queen of the eisenbach. n♥

  2. it so good to see you through your eyes
    and hé! i was there too ;^)))


  3. Love, love, love it!
    Das Pendant von meinem Foto habe ich natürlich auch, also dich mit der Kamera im Anschlag (folgt)

  4. there we go!
    like i wrote at barbara's, so nice to read and see about your meeting...
    wish i could join!



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