Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

dc 137: No Limits

The sepals are protection
in tender times of the European peony


in the wee hours 
I have a dream (really!)

of blue waters

 becomes haze... I ascend
and I see feet of birds
(like graphic characters... I try to decode them, but...)

 the twinkle distracts me (oh, basic colours?)

 my sight is tending upwards

cranes... Grus grus!

and it sparkles, again, like freedom!

No limits

is the drawing challenge's theme of our host Roberto (thank you, Hombre)!

and maybe the birds of him disturbed me, hahaha, mind doesn't know limits*. So, for this dc I have paint my dream of no limits with water colours, permanent marker and glitter glue pencils.

Please make sure to visit Roberto's place... there are no borders in www.


* sometimes mind do know limits... so we have to open our minds again and again

I wish you a happy free time


No 136 with Memory

today: No 137 with Roberto at the weekend of the 31st of May + 1st of June with No Limits

next: No 138 at Patrice's

. . .

Who is our next host?


12 Kommentare:

  1. Love this post. It's sensitive and delicate! Eric

  2. Hi, Ariane, Thanks for letting me play DC, and also for your participation in this No Limits.
    I, (recently told Tammie) think that the idea of flight, the wings of birds. is what comes closest, in my head to No Limits. fly without destination, flying, nothing more.
    And speaking of dreaming. I would like to dream that I am a bird, to feel that feeling.
    Good weekend to you!

  3. You and I are connected dearest Ariane! Look at the feet of my birds in my little book in this drawing challenge. Dangling feet of cranes flying above.

    I have not forgotten that I am supposed to be sending you a little book and it is sitting here gathering dust by my computer. I've been swamped with life for a few weeks so will be getting it into the mails for you dearest one.

    Nice to see you again, by the way!! *smiles* Norma

  4. such a wonderful dream
    i love that you brought it to life in your art
    i am guessing that the dream touched you even further in doing so
    and now it touches me, thank you ~

  5. the mighty peony... i stood watching those at mum's today. bright pink, the sweetest scent rising up from their voluminous flower heads... thanks for reminding me of them, and learning me a new word : sepal. for sure the fluffy peonies need them.
    and cranes, high above, in your translucent sky dipped with a cloud? i like your dream. n♥
    your last image is milky sweet... a winner.

  6. Everybody, it still goes wrong, you've got the wrong blog name. The blog that you have to search is: Ariane, I don't know how to solve this, can you help me?

    1. dear Joke,
      our host Roberto has already established the link of your blog name: . I have found your blog via him, will come back later (it is night...). Best, Ariane.

  7. Watching migratory birds always makes me feel makes me longing for being able to fly and go wherever I want to and watch the world from above...cranes are the perfect allegory of no limits! Love the softness of your peaceful in colours and lines...and in expression, too...wonderful!

  8. whenever i see a peony i think of you
    and it's peony-time right now! ;^)))

    such a fine dream
    in dreams there are no limits
    and i think flying feels like there are no limits
    i like that and sometimes long for that
    i limit myself too much i guess
    this weekend my brother was here
    than the world feels so much better and lighter! ;^))
    love that last image
    i could fall into that softness

    thank you!
    big hug and love
    Patrice A.

  9. Ein leichter luftiger Traum, wie die Bilder der Pfingstrosen, das schwebt nur so dahin, wie die Geschichte deines ungewöhnlichen Traumes in dem es keine Grenzen gibt, sehr schön. Mir gefallen auch besonders die Vogelfüße, weiß auch nicht warum.
    Liebe Grüße
    barbara bee
    P.S. Deinem Hottentot habe ich heute Gesellschaft gekauft, sozusagen lauter Hottentotten und Zigeuner.

  10. That flowercolor looks soft, gives a tender feeling. Your painting gives me a smile, I want to be there, in the sky!! It makes me wonder, where are they going to?
    And thanks Ariane for helping!

  11. Ah the birds- I think a few of us settled in that image- and for good reason!
    Your dream and your painting are so sensitive and delicate and powerful! I love it- and so perfect that kind of freedom- in flying as in dreams- we long for.
    Your photos have that to them the longing of something intangible and beautiful- just haunting!



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