Samstag, 23. November 2013


In the Eisenbach at the Castle

one swan has runaway from shelter... Johanna enjoys the nice weather: 
sunny, clear and a little bit crisp.

Not all days in Autumn are like that...

On my way alongside the Eisenbach my gaze settled on this leaves
 lying on the soil mould proper... disappearing... kind of fossil.

So I take a canvas 50/40cm and the pigments, try to capture this process

treat it with a knife
            more and more

like falling leaves

since it becomes more abstract
and photograph it extra in a blurry way
to show the flowing transitions of the process, 
there is no stop, life goes on and on.

For this week's drawing challenge I have choosen the theme AUTUMN. The temperatures has sank nights sub-zero, so the last leaves FALL.

Fall yellow
and orange
compressing to brown
for new life

I have taken a knife for painting
because Autumn is one of the 5 phases, that one of  'metal':
time of farewell, carve all the useless,
turn to the inside
to your inner knowledge

and sometimes, sometimes like today, some beautiful flowers are blossoming
even in Autumn:

sunny Kristen
flying Susan
earthy (garden) Patrice
bunny Celine
kroko Dania
ohlala Tania
happy Rachel
pirat Sara ;-)
humming Barbara
sui generis Stefanie
herzfrische Sabine
Annton Beate Schmidt

Thank you very much for playing, dear blossoms!
Have a happy weekend!

No 120 Tattoo

today: No 121 Autumn

Our next hostess of the drawing challenge is sunny Kristen  at the next weekend
30th/1st of December :-)

Who is our next host?


15 Kommentare:

  1. hahhahaa, luckily you did post a smiley there at the end! :)
    i enjoy your crispy autumn day, long for those,
    and the painting, rich and indeed so much autumn feeling in it.
    dear ariane, sorry not to join myself, but i do share it with you!


  2. A wonderful challenge post, Ariane. Leaf into earth into green again, and the aspect of metal - I did not remember that...
    Anyway, wishing you warmth and cozyness as winter rallys its troops around us.

  3. your mind works in wonders. i was thrilled by the links provided to older pages on your blog, happy rekindling. yes, there's that cold touch of autumn here, that leaves us cold, cold to the bone. and there's the promise of the next season, already hard at work in the ground... i love how you remind us of that cycle. your autumn colours also make me long for a knitted sweater in exactly those earthen colours.

  4. wunderschön, Ariane, eine Freude Dir zu folgen! Das Foto mit den fossilen Blättern ist ansprechend und was Du daraus machst und Deine Gedanken dazu... all das gefällt mir sehr.
    Danke und liebe Grüße
    x Stefanie

  5. All eye candy collected in one post, I especially like the swan with the waves like extra wings and the asiatic style of your blossom pics. Pure beauty and wonderful, dear Ariane!
    Die lustigen Namen für alle gefallen mir besonders, coole Idee!
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara rumsummend

  6. that first image could be an old painting, wauw...
    such a fine post, all those links! memories....
    i love the image with the leaves
    and wht you have made with those leaves in mind
    every time again i learn something
    the knife, the fases, metal....

    thanks for this theme
    loved walking through the Woods, thinking and looking around
    i am a bit late with posting, we have worked the garden!
    Patrice A.

  7. love your poem! so perfect for this theme and photos are a wonderful contrast- the bright colors mixed with foggy gray
    Autumn is a very special time of year- thanks for making me think about it this way :)

    Will see you Tuesday for the new theme!

  8. Always the colour you see/notice/pay attention to, is what speaks to me in your posts dear Ariane. I felt emotion in the decay of the leaves and in your art representation of that. I especially love the painting that you've etched into with the knife point. This is such lovely art. Nice to see you..*smiles* Norma, x

  9. I have been so wrapped up with traveling these past two months. What beautiful images to be greeted with on my return!

    Interesting ideas in your painting and photographs: the sharp knife and the soft focus. Very much like the feel of fall and the transition of seasons, in my mind.

  10. liebe ariane,
    so fschön gezeigt, die seiten des herbstes. und so schön interpretiert - ja, zerfall - keine jahreszeit zeigt uns besser den kreislauf des lebens...
    deine gedanken zur technik und zum verwendeten material - sehr fein!
    lieben gruß ins schloss am eisenbach!

  11. Liebe Ariane,
    wie schön - noch einmal im Herbst zu schwelgen. Ich habe mich mit eingereiht - zum Ersten Mal.
    Viele Grüße. Lucia

  12. liebe ariane, welch wunderbare arbeiten. ich mag vor allem den prozess dahinter. er zeigt sich im endprodukt, wie eine weise ahnung. sehr, sehr schön! liebe grüße annton

  13. Your knife painting is lovely and full of autumn colours and feelings, Ariane.
    I'm so sad to not be able to join this or the next few challenges. Each one has been such a joy. xo Carole

  14. Liebe Ariane, danke dir für das schöne Thema.
    Es ist wunderschön deinen Post zu folgen, vom goldenen Herbst bis zu den dahinschwimmenden Blättern...gefällt mir sehr deine Umsetzung mit den verschwommenen Farben. Wie eine sanfte Überleitung zum Winter.
    Herzliche Grüße

  15. Eine wunderschöne Ode an den Herbst.
    Besonders schön die verschwindenden Blätter und Deine künstlerische Umsetzung dazu. Herbst ist Transformation und das spürt man in jedem Deiner Bilder.
    Deine Namenreihe hat mich zum Lachen gebracht!
    Warme Grüße von
    ohlala tanïa



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