Samstag, 9. November 2013


Some Inuit women has got tattoos in their face. 

This tattoos were made with a needle and a blacken thread with soot...
pulled under the skin is this a very old practice for over a thousand years.
The first line on the chin were given by older woman when a girl got their first menstruation... to
proof of a woman's readiness to bear children. The next tattooed line at their marriage, next for the first children and so on, added by some lines for spiritual power.

Last week I have found my daughters like this...

My Great-Grandfather came from Greenland
and moved to Danmark. I remember that his son, my Grandfather, has got a tattoo on his arm:
 an anchor.

This week's drawing challenge (the 120th!) is hosted by my dear friend Patrice
Her theme is TATTOO. This made me smile because of my 'tattooed' girls. I haven't got a tattoo, but my mother does: in her neck is a chinese sign for dragon tattooed in the colour of sheer vains!
I think my skin is too sensitive and I wouldn't be able to decide a pattern... ha! maybe 
some roses?

I retrace the inuit lines of my family and have drawn my self-portrait with carbon on canvas (10/15cm)... did the reference in a Fotofix automat wearing an annoraaq (Greenlandic word!)... and tattooed the lines with permanent marker. I have added the portrait with a naked body to show the vulnerability together with power.

Please make a visit at Patrice's great place to find more wonderful tattoos by other artists.

Happy weekend to y'all!

today: the 120th of drawing challenge hosted by wonderful Patrice A.
today with TATTOO

Who is our next host?


10 Kommentare:

  1. maybe he was a pirate and not only a sailor???
    and you have roots from greenland?! wow...
    sweet, your girls drawing tattoos...
    hugs to you,
    happy weekend

  2. thank you for sharing about what the lines are for
    what they symbolize
    so interesting
    soot and thread - wonderful choice
    and your girls drawing on one another, such perfect timing
    a beautiful post to see and consider.

  3. Wow, was für ein Post!
    The pictures of the needle and the inuit woman beeing stitched on the ground made me shiver...outch, that pain, what for? But your drawing tells a lot, the tattoo lines emphazise the beauty, the strength and the proudness of the face.
    And then, your daughters...that made me smile again! Was that pure coincidence? Amazing! Seems they'll become tattoo artists in the future!
    If so, I bet you'll have your own then, too...made by your daughter! ;o)
    Frohen Sonntag noch und lieben Gruß aus Aachen!

  4. Absolutely awesome! Really.
    You look so strong and you can tell of your ancestors, no doubt about it!
    I didn't know about the thread in the skin, but look what I've done in addition to the work of yesterday! Isn't it amazing? And I didn't read your post before.
    Seeing your wonderful daughters it reminds me that I loved as a child to put on this non permanent tattoo which you could find sometimes in chewing gum.
    Love and hugs
    Barbara Bee

  5. a strong family story you have got there, thank you so much for sharing it. one can actually see that strength in your portrait. strength and delicacy at the same time; I love that. nice to meet you too!

  6. Beautiful story about the Inuit women, I didn't know! It parallels my own thinking about rings and tattoo's
    I love your self portrait and meaning you shared!

  7. Well, Ariane! Such a rich post. I find your family history fascinating. Your drawing is pure and simple, making me think of the drawings I have seen done by explorers in the Arctic during previous century. Beautiful!
    xxoo, sus

  8. Liebe Ariane, vielleicht hast du ja Lust bei der Advent-mail-art mitzumachen, habe mich auch gerade angemeldet - so ein bisschen kreative Post zu Weihnachten, kann ja nicht schaden oder?
    Liebe Grüße

  9. sweet friend,
    thank you for this post
    for the now (your children) and than (your family history)
    the stories you tell and images you show crawl under my skin
    your sweet face!
    the lines they draw

    thank you so much!
    Ich umarme Dich

  10. vulnerability and power.
    how married those two words can be, becoming a new strength.
    greenland roots? wow.
    and such an inventive take on this week's theme.
    i actually also LOVE the photobooth image!!



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