Dienstag, 26. November 2013


Sonntags schien die Sonne in die Burg am Eisenbach. 
Nach dem Morgenkaffee warf ich das Buch in die Kissen. Der König hatte seinen Schreibtisch so blitzblank leer sortiert, dass ich es äußerst einladend fand, mich daran zu setzen und mir endlich einen smaragdgrünen Ring zu knüpfen.

Sundays sun shone in the Castle at the Eisenbach.
After having coffee in the morning I threw the book into the cushions. The King has emptied his desk so spic and span that I found it tempting to sit down and start finally to make
an emeraldgreen ring to me.

Besides cooking, the laundry (a Sunday seems to be a weekday for me, but without an alarmclock :) and time with my family I finished the ring in the late evening.

And now I will enjoy the Autumn, your Autumn!


  1. Mmmmmm the green reflecting in the light is stunning!
    Sunday is often laundry day for me too. How does it keep multiplying?

  2. What a beautiful ring, Ariane - a gift for you, I hope?
    xxoo, sus

  3. I love the ring! The green is really very beautiful. Your pictures of autumn are wonderful, you captured it very good!

  4. so fitzelig und glitzerig, bewundernswert!
    Ich wär ja gern hostess für das 7./8. Wochenende, ist da noch frei?
    x Stefanie

  5. WOW! beautiful ring, what a good Sunday project :)
    (DC is up ) hope you have a great week!

  6. these are the best sundays!
    besides the laundry and all
    making an emeraldgreen ring
    it's a beauty!

  7. it is a great sunday being creative with your hands, right?!

    hugs, and a beautiful ring you made...



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