Dienstag, 19. November 2013

dc Invitation!

My lovelies,

maybe I will be late, maybe I will be slowly visiting you this weekend... 
hope, that it doesn't matter:

May I please invite you for the next drawing challenge? 
The theme is Autumn

How is this time of year to you?

You can sketch it, paint, cut, photograph, sew, chrochet... what ever you want. 
Say you are in and I take you to the list of participants and establish a link to you. 
See you... this weekend, the 23rd + 24th of November 2013, dear:

sunny Kristen


  1. Sounds super! I'm in and would like to host in the next week or two-if you are in need...seems to be a little short on hosts :)
    Perfect picture!

  2. autumn is what surrounds us, so it's a perfect theme to 'draw on'.... ;)))
    yes, of course. 'd love to.

  3. And I, too, will play - although it may be that I have to post autumn as a memory, now that snow has come to my house. -sus

  4. i'm in, too! your picture is lovely - i like the foggy cloth of the novemberwomen! - dania

  5. Me too! As an autumn child I surely have to play. ;o)

  6. dear ariane,
    i keep forgetting it is not only about drawing anymore. i could join! but but (there's always a but--) i will wait for less crowded days, and enjoy your creations instead....
    hugs to you

  7. Jo, da mach ich doch auch mal mit, auch wenn ich das Gefühl habe, dass der Herbst fast vorbei ist, zu sehr nahen schon die Weihnachtslichter...
    Bis zum Wochenende! See you
    Barbara Bee

  8. Liebe Ariane, ein schönes Thema den Herbst noch ein bißchen zu bewahren, wo sich der Winter schon mit Riesenschritten nähert.
    Da möchte ich gern mal wieder mitmachen.
    Herzliche Grüße

  9. von herzen dank für deine worte hinter den herbstlichen bäumen. liebste ariane. schreib dir ganz bald zurück ... in einem moment der stille. fühl dich umarmt. und ich wünsche viel freude bei eurer kommenden dc.

    deine tatjana



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