Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

dc #103: FILLIPS

From the first... there was a picture. 
In that case that picture was a photo... and right down on that
 there was a piece that gaves me a fillip... but...
 right back to the begin now!

 We starts after school...

crosses the River Elbe... and reaches Wilhelmsburg.

We enters a cinema... the RIALTO Lichtspiele... 
that was a vitally space for me in my first years. My family moved and 
later the cinema closed. 

This year the cinema turns 100 and over 20 years after closure there is a group which has the goal for a journey into the past from 3rd of May to the 31st of October 2013... accomponied by movies, music, theatre and literature and renovated the rooms heroically

Children to 14 years pays only 10 Cent per 10cm body height...

only for us they made yummiest popcorn! Thank you! 
...and we really enjoys this movie here:


My view up to the ceiling's stucco reminds me on my fillip...

and in the production office vis-à-vis

I buys a piece of fillip... of embellishment... a part of stucco from my old cinema...!

The way back we takes the bus and the ferry across the River Elbe

This makes me think about the utility of fillip... of ornament... and find Baudelaire:

 Beauty as a inkling of felicity

For some ideas we needs a little fillip

This week's drawing challenge ist hosted by Stefanie Seltner
Her theme is fillips. I take that item as a push of energy, a boy's name (title of movie... what a serendipity!) and as an embellishment that excites, enlivens or stimulates (thank you Cindi for your explanation!)... as you see... lots of fillips... Phew!

I draw this rough sketch with black ink and paint marker... 
my version of the Creation of Adam. The shape of this ceiling fresco of the figure Godfather reminds on the profile of a brain...

All imagination needs a fillip... needs energy.

For more please visit the imaginative place of Stefanie Seltner!

Wish you cheerful Whitsun

No 100 Dance

No 101 Burlesque

No 102 Smell

Now: No 103 FILLIPS at the 18th + 19th of May with Stefanie Seltner

No 104 at the 24th + 25th of May with  Patrice

Who is next?


16 Kommentare:

  1. Wow, What a lot of impressions! thanks for taking us on that tour! the movie fots just really wel but what really touched me was that drawing on the end.... Thanks for showing us!

  2. hi, Ariane, I enjoyed your post as if I were watching a movie! I swear. I liked. (the piece of stucco is beautiful, by the way)
    the redhead girl, which is reflected in a glass (I think it's the first photo) is the same, same, same! (like two drops of water) to one of my daughters (redhead) when she was a little girl (now she is 29 years old) :))
    ha ha I will show to my wife, it is incredible!!!! :O

  3. What a full and beautiful post Ariane! I enjoyed it every step of the way!

  4. Well, i really enjoyed visiting the theater with you and yours, Ariane. The stucco - amazing! My favorite: the ceiling view in blue.
    Happy week end,Sus

  5. you'Re so Right. i love the Rialto too. such a gReat atmospheRe in theRe. thanks foR youR images an woRds. i have to go theRe. soon. again.
    pleased. käthe.

  6. what a beautiful day.
    and the old cinema ... like an old story teller ... very old, but so alive and full of magic.
    love your sketch ♥

  7. your photos of your trips by trains, busses and ferries always give me that feeling of travelling along with you and the river Elbe begins to feel like a friend too ;)
    no matter what the theme is it usually turns up surprisingly when you go out your door, that's so wonderful!
    yes i can see the shape of a brain now, just needed a fillip from you, xx

  8. i love these post
    when you take us with you on a trip
    like today, to that beautiful old cinema
    to a movie with the best fitting title(!)
    and ending with an old piece of ornament
    i don't know why but every single theme
    turnes out just perfect for you

    thank you for this trip!
    Patrice A.

  9. such a beautiful and sentimental post on this fillip. so lovely to see your photos and art.

  10. Dearest Ariane you brought tears to my eyes with the tenderness of this post. You reminded me of my own childhood cinemas (I had a number of them because I lived one block away from Granville Street on theatre row where in the space of a few blocks they had cinema after cinema after cinema.) I used to go every single Saturday for the 12 noon showing for about 3 years. I used to delivery the paper after school and I spent all of my earnings on the theatre. It used to cost 25 cents to get in. And 5 cents for a horseshoe sucker or 10 cents for a chocolate bar (I used to get one of toffee which was hard as a rock and which I smashed down on the cement floor to break it into pieces. The candy lasted me pretty much the whole movie.) I used to delivery the newspaper to two of the cinemas and one of them was the ORPHEUM which is still in operation and the other, who used to give me a free ice cream cone every single day. Can you believe my luck? Well I loved that you got some plaster. That makes your story absolutely perfect. N, xo

  11. Oh, you don't know how much I love such old cinemas! And how much I miss some of my youth which have been closed in between. It's amazing they opened the Rialto again and I hope there will be a chance to keep it open for even longer than only october...
    What fun the film fitted our philipp theme! And how beautiful to own a piece of the cinema (in fact I own some seats of my hometown cinema, they sold them, before it was renovated)! You did a great job to solve the challenge! Very good and diverse post!

  12. What a rich experience!! synchronistic I'd say as well!! and beautifully photographed- it's like taking a little field trip with you, thank you!!!

  13. Mir gefällt deine Geschichte, die im Kopf anfängt und in einer Zeitreise zwischen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart endet, ich habe wieder eine Fülle an fillips (Anreizen) bekommen. Danke
    Herzlichst, BarbaraBee

  14. fancy the rialto in hamburg....
    that piece of stucco really set you going, didn't it? perfect illustration to your personal fillip...
    love the serendipity aspect too.

  15. HALLO liebe Ariane,
    wunderschön Deine Reise, wie ein Film - so ein besonderer Ort, romantisch, die Erinnerungen und dazu dann Anne liebt Philipp, das ist so schön und alles!
    Deine Begeisterung und Freude ist in allen Bildern und zwischen den Zeile zu spüren. Mir war das Thema fast zu schwer - um so mehr freue ich mich über Beiträge wie diesen Deinen hier - vielen herzlichen Dank!
    x Stefanie



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