Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

dc #104: PROVERB or SAYING

                                          * "Employment, never weary,
                                              the slow creates, but never destroyed,
                                              to the construction of the ages
                                              Although only a grain of sand is enough grain of sand,
                                              but of the great fault of the times
                                              Minutes, days, years sweeps."

                                              Source: The Ideals
                                                     Friedrich von Schiller
                                                     German writer (1759 - 1805)

My dear friend Patrice is our hostess for the weekly dc this weekend. 
Her theme is proverb or saying.

For this theme I take this part of a poem by Friedrich von SchillerLike a golden thread it runs through my life, since I queried the I Ching some years ago. It is a describing of the judgement to the Hexagram 46... named 升 (shēng), "ascending"... or "pushing upward"... 
that solaces me and makes me beeing more patiently.

I write the words, that have a meaning of a saying to me, on glass... in my first language... add some romantic blossoms of lilac and a golden thread... fix it double glassed with a silver coloured frame. The view through it shows you my becalmed sight...even when the prospect is barred... again... by a scaffold and plastic foil on one of the balcony of the Castle at the Eisenbach.

My challenge on top?... 
 Well, it is to take as much as necessary and a minimum of photos for this post... 

Please have a look at the beautiful place of the dear Patrice for more 
proverbs or sayings of wonderful artists around the world.

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No 102 Smell

No 103 Fillips

Today! No 104 PROVERB or SAYING at the 24th + 25th of May with  Patrice

Next: No 105 at the 1st + 2nd of June with Renilde

Follow: No 106 at the 8th + 9th of June here

Who is our next host?


Wish you a weekend full of patience

17 Kommentare:

  1. ...bin etwas abgelenkt von dem Daumennagel, da sitzt ein Schmetterling oder? Das für mich schönste Foto ist das mit dem Gedulds-Faden.
    Dir ein ebensolches Wochenende
    x Stefanie

  2. the lilac on your fingernail
    makes me smile
    it's all in the details!
    a grain of sand
    construction of the ages
    your becalmed sight
    your sweethearts
    it is all there

    thanks for playing!
    Patrice A.

    and thank you for your sweet words
    no, no headaches, just very, very tired
    yesterday was a long day and evening
    we had the performance of the musical
    it was great but so much work

  3. Such beauty Ariane! The so lovely words, and your beautiful creation that changes with each background. A delight! Thanks for sharing all of these images! (more would have been good too!)

  4. full of patience? oh dear. i'm off to an event tomorrow, perhaps my patience will be tested, i will think of your best wish.

    oh, scaffolded these days, are you?? poor you's! that ain't so nice, to be deprived of a view outside. luckily you create your own views; views that stick too! very interesting poem excerpt! when one gets weary, this is balm for the soul. ..
    i do also really like your very last image; it is full of promise!

    ps - i always simply love how you look into the drawings, rose-ariane! i simply revel when you share all that you see, because then i see this with fresh eyes too. thxs so much!

  5. Dear, dear Ariane! Your posts always fill me with an excitement of what I am about to witness. The ideas behind your art are what strike me strongly. Your intent is always bold. Your art is often soft and gently and lovely and so with the bold intent it is a perfect yin/yang. I am going to use the yin/yang metaphor because I've been living by the I Ching since my friend gave me my first book and some ancient coins back in 1971. It never ceases to amaze me. Never. It is always bang on. There is magic in it somehow. Or otherworldly in any event. Perhaps the opine of a few saints and guardian angels as well. HA!
    I like the serendipity of your rice and the rice in my little book I painted for this challenge.
    I like your photography skills. How they play in what you do in your your art.
    I like seeing your art. Ciao. N, x

  6. so very lovely ~
    and it is lilac season
    in fact it snowed on our lilacs the other day
    they faired well through the two inches they endured.

  7. Ariane, a beautiful post and we both thinking about time this challenge I see. Patience is something I need help with, so thanks for the well wishes, happy week, sus

  8. die eRsten zwei zeilen mag ich sehR. insgesamt so passend zu deinen blickwinkeln. bin begeisteRt. und dankbaR. staRte mit ein bisschen mehR geduld in den tag.
    habs gut. sonntagsgRüße. käthe.

  9. I breathe my way to patience wonderful poem and I really like your idea of seeing through the poem beyond very clever.

    Helen x

  10. to keep that poem in show us in a most lovely way,
    the picture of the sand will stay with me,
    i do have to remind myself sometimes that there's no need to hurry, that things need their own time to grow and develop and that's just fine because it's the only way.
    there is something precious in every moment.
    you're way of telling us, showing us, always have a calming effect on me, thanks, xx

  11. liebste königin mit dem entzückenden blühendem daumen,
    ich genoss wie immer ihre worte und fotos, diesmal leicht parfümiert mit dem köstlichen duft des flieders und würde nur zu gerne mal mit ihnen über goldene geduldsfäden plaudern...bei zeit...die ja relativ ist.

    herzgrüße von tatjana ♥

  12. I like the poem superimposed on-top of things around you, or through- such lovely words and the golden thread that connects them all- beautiful!

  13. I think I like what you have to say as much as Schiller's thoughts: "The view through it shows you my becalmed sight. . ." Such gentle and centering words. May you look beyond the scaffolding and plastic foil and only have romantic lilacs (even on your fingertips!) and gold threads this week.

  14. fingernägel sollten immer befliedert sein, bald empfehlen sich rosenblätter!
    geduld ist nicht meine stärke, doch ich werde mir in zukunft mitgebrachten ostseesand durch die finger rieseln lassen und meine hände mit goldfäden durchwirken. ein schöner post, liebe ariane! liebe grüße, mano

  15. Oh, ein sehr schönes Gedicht und eine so vielfältige Illustration! Die Blüte, aus dem Rahmen auf den Daumen gefallen und dort geblieben. Man sagt, Geduld seie eine meiner Stärken, ich aber würde sagen, nur in bestimmten Dingen. In anderen reißt auch mir mal der Geduldsfaden (bei mir fast eher ein Strick). Ich muss jedenfalls sagen: allein das Grün und das Lila wirken sich sehr positiv aus auf meine Geduld. Beruhigend. Angenehm. ;o)

  16. Liebe Ariane, ein poetisches Gesamtkunstwerk, Schiller wäre bestimmt entzückt gewesen, dieses Gedicht so umgesetzt zu sehen, da beruhigt sich der Geist allein schon durch diesen post. Der Geduldsfaden wäre bei mir bestimmt schon zigmal gelickt ;)
    Alles Liebe



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