Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

dc #102: SMELL

Often smells reminds me on childhood... 
the garden of my Grandparents... the soil, flowers... the hollows in the bushes that I built with my sister... even the smell of benzine is a romantic touch of youth to me... 
and later I have stored the smell of my babies... love.

As I have browsed with the slide projector through my visual memories...
 the specific smells ermerges... and the sounds... of France... Provence


Right yesterday from Cyprus has arrived this herbs...

sniffing clockwise started top left: Peppermint, mint, thyme, rosmary, laurel, sage and ?
sent with sun... by X... of eau de nile... many thanks!

This little bottle 

is given to me by a sweet sister of the Nile from Khartoum, Sudan, winking eye... with fragrance inside...mmmmh, just marvellous.

It doesn't matter where in addition my perfumes are coming from...

France... Great Britain... Italia... 

it seems to me in all of them is a note of a smell that I found in Portugal many years ago... 
I kept it with me in this ceramic box


A dried fruit of a cistus.. a rock rose... 
I love its fragrance of the resina... the labdanum... divine!
It is an old simple... and has got a very beautiful... warm... soft spicy-sweet balm... 
even after years.

Now I put the seeds of a cistus into earth... maybe... one day...

A  Flowering branch
B  Flower cut lengthwise (most of the stamens cut off)
C  Transverse section of ovary
D  Fruit
E  Seed in longitudinal section

This dc No 102 is hosted by sweet Barbara Bee. Her theme is SMELL 
and it has catapulted me in a sensual rapture. With the remembrance of the smells other impressions arises, too. For instance the sounds of bumblebees in fields of cistus in the neighbourhood of Odiáxere, Portugal,... the warmth... the walks with mongrel Amigo... the colours of the stone... the fresh breeze from the ocean. 

I have made a drawing with ink in the manner of old plant drawings, often copper engravings and coloured it softly.

For more smells visit Barbara Bee's place, please. Its a pleasure.

Wish you a happy, nice weekend

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Now: No 102 SMELL at the 11th + 12th of May with Barbara Bee

Follows: No 103 at the 18th + 19th of May with Stefanie Seltner

No 104 at the 24th + 25th of May with  Patrice

Who is next?


17 Kommentare:

  1. what a beuatiful drawing!
    at first i thought it was such an old plant drawing
    out of a book, wauw.... you have such amazing talent
    oh yes, bringing back memories of my childhood
    as that slide projector does!
    i remember the sound, the story
    those where the days ;^)))

    happy weekend!
    i am looking forward to tomorrow!! ;^))

    Patrice A.

    1. P.S.
      shall i be the host again
      for the 104th drawing challenge?
      i think i know a fine theme

  2. Arianne, here are a lot of smells!
    I liked your post!
    oh, the old slide projector, reminds me of my adolescence, ha ha!
    surely one of the smells I prefer, is oil for babies, reminds me of my children when they were babies.
    and I see rosemary and laurel oh. excellent smells :)))
    I congratulate you!!!!

  3. wow so many memories- smells of places- very interesting! I love the smell of the lake we go to in the summer- I swear it has it's own fragrance!
    And of course herbs and perfume and children so many things to consider...your photos lovely as usual!!

  4. WHat a beautiful post full of beautiful images/smells and memories to go along with it! I could even smell our old slide projector. It is one of my favourite smells, as it brings back such cherished childhood memories! I so enjoyed your beautiful post here Ariane

  5. I thought the same as Patrice, that the drawing was from an old book! what a wonderful drawing you made, I love it! and I still look at the slides sometimes... I love the sound of the projector and I know every slide of my childhood, but still....;-)

  6. the way the projector is put up to reach to its proper heigth to shine... it doesn't half bring back hilarious situations from school days long faded... we had one teacher who never ever succeeded in prepping his projector. but i'm straying off topic.

    that blossom in the glass looks to-die-for!

    you've been treading the scientific path a little, sista! i didn't know that about the cactus flower... how very interesting. and your drawing is so sweet. i always fall the full monty for scientific plates, and you've here added romance to the plot! way to go, you lionheart...

  7. Liebe Ariane, du hast ja ein richtiges Duftpotpourri and Düften, Erinnerungen hervorgezaubert. Es freut mich ganz besonders, dass dieses Thema dich auf soviele Zeitreisen und Erinnerungen katapuliert hat und du hast mal wieder alle Register gezogen. Deine Zeichnung finde ich übrigens ganz besonders schön, ich dachte auch du hast sie aus einem alten Buch.
    Im übrigen ist es bei mir nie sicher eine sms zu schicken, der Akku war alle und ich hatte es gar nicht bemerkt, ich bin nicht sonderlich Handy-afin. Ich hatte alle links eingestellt, aber irgendwas ist schief gelaufen, total blöd! Habs jetzt neu eingestellt und hoffe, es funktioniert jetzt. Zu und zu blöd. Tut mir echt LEID.
    Schönen Muttertag noch, laß dich schön verwöhnen, vielleicht mit ein paar duftenden Rosen...
    Alles Liebe Barbara

  8. Ein dufter Post, besonders cool sind die tollen Parfümflacons !

  9. ein ganz, ganz wunderschöner beitrag. besonders gut gefallen mir die duftkräuter aus zypern! ich war vor vielen jahren auf kreta und habe dort kräuter gesammelt. beim anschauen des thymians und lorbeers auf deinem foto war ich wieder dort in den bergen und hatte den duft in der nase!
    liebe grüße, mano

  10. What a wonderful and evocative post!! It was as if taking a journey through smells, and a lovely one at that. Kim, I thought of the smell of a projector too--funny how I'd forgotten that in the change to new technologies.

    I'm raising my cup of richly fragrant coffee as a toast to all those smells that remind us of things good and dear, and to you, Ariane as our guide through your odiferous trip through time!

  11. I am captivated by this exotic array of aromas, Ariane. xxoo, sus

  12. Es gibt sie schon längst, die Zeitmaschinen! Mit Düften in der Nase reist man sofort an andere Orte, in andere Zeiten. Problemlos. Wirklich schön, Deine reichhaltigen Gedanken zu Düften und Gerüchen und Deine Zeichnung ist wirklich wunderschön und wie aus einem alten Buch entnommen! Und die Bilder von Frankreich, Portugal...hach, ich will gleich los und das Meer riechen!

  13. eine schöne duftreise. und hab gerne mitgeschnuppert.

    herzliche grüße ♥ tatjana

  14. even more than photos smell can bring back places, people, events, moments,
    a certain smell enters the nose and you glide through time and relive the past, you illustrate that here perfectly, i'm touched by that tiny dried cistus fruit in its small box and i wish your seeds to grow and bring you a smell that reminds you of the here and now in the future, xx

  15. I have a friend who grew a rock rose from Austria, from flower petals with the seeds embedded inside the petals. He put them on top of some paper towelling and soaked them in water and just kept them wet until they sprouted and then he put them in aerated soil in a pot and just spritzed them with water until the shoots came up, and then he planted them more firmly in regular soil and then transplanted them outside. Today the rose bush is about 15 years old and quite big. It lives outside in Williams Lake, B.C. where it gets VERY cold in the winters. I hope your seeds grow as well for you! I loved the photos, especially of the dried flower in the pristine white container. N, xo



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