Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Drawing challenge: FAIRY TALE

Thumbelina was born out of a tulip

Growing up as an ugly duckling

She was sensible to recognize a single pea under mattresses

And has been a good swimmer

Laying under a lilac on the naked floor 
she animadverts that she is an poor, poor orphan roofless excepts the lilac and his stars. 
She has given her last dress to an other poor woman 
because she is gracious and helps ever the poorest. 
 At the end she runs out of everything

But then the invisible... but not unoperative... gives her a new ornamental mental dress. 
By that she receives the divine currancy: 
Stars money falling from heaven.

And the Nightingale sings.

Once upon a time...
 there was a weekly drawing challenge. 
Our lovely hostess Tatjana's theme has been FAIRY TALE.

For this fantastic theme I've taken pictures of silhouettes with motives of Hans Christian Anderesens fairy tales in our fairy tale hall in the Castle at the Eisenbach. And I've engraved the German fairy tale after Grimm Brothers in a copperplate, print it and coloured it.

For more FAIY TALES please join Tatjana's wonderful place.

Who is next?

16 Kommentare:

  1. Thumbelina!
    me too, me too
    about Thumbelina!

    yours is beautiful!!
    a copper plate
    I have some left somewhere
    hmmm.... one day, one day soon

    Patrice A.

  2. sweet so sweet!
    and your plants down under, the monstera!
    i am slowly coming back, on different computers.
    hope you are well my dear,

  3. Ariane! This is beautiful on a grand scale! First, that story you wrote is touching with important meaning for us all in this world. And second, your illustration style is so delicate and strong and lovely. I adore this whole thing.
    Then we have the little paper cuttings [scherenschnitte] and they are strong and lovely too. Just everything here is scrumptious. Love this.
    *smiles* Norma
    p.s. I especially love those little falling stars!!

  4. my word, it's a labour of love, and of wonderous magic!
    what a journey...
    did you really cut all those? grand!

  5. and the nightingale sings!
    i can hear it!
    beautiful work!

  6. Once upon a time there was a nightingale by the name of Ariane. She flew higher and sang more enchanting than any of the other odd creatures in the sky...
    Lilli xo

  7. ach meine königin aller märchen, aller nachtigallen und des lichts!
    DANKE! ♥♥♥ julia

  8. oh ich hatte gehofft, dass jemand scherenschnitte zeigt. ich liebe die scherenschnitte von andersen und deine ganz besonders! und so schön wie du beide märchen, däumelinchen und sterntaler, miteinander verwebst. gravieren ist etwas was ich nicht kann. ich bekomm davon eine gänsehaut ;o)

    wünsch dir noch ein schönes wochenende, meine märchenkönigin!

    thank you!


  9. just lovely I really like your papercuts a wonderful idea particularly the pea under the mattress really clever :)

  10. Papercuts are a nice way to tell the vivid story, charming, Ariane:)

  11. I love the paper cuts-especially the swan, one of my favorites :) and the copper engraving is a wonderful image...catching stars in your skirt...if only we could really do that! wonderful my dear!!

  12. ich mag scherenschnitte so gern und deine finde ich wunderschön, besonders schwan und meerjungfrau.
    und die nachtigall hab ich auch grad gehört!

  13. so schön und so berührend ist die, von dir geschaffene, welt.
    ich bin hin und weg......
    herzliche grüße aus dem garten

  14. OH So beautiful!!! your cut outs and that unbelievably magical image of a apron full of evening wishes!! love love love it!~
    magical xo

  15. Oh Ariane we had kind of the same idea, adorable cuttings, very beautiful and elegant and that engraving so tender and full of joy, love the little drops of gold, you illustrated your fairy-tale just beautifully, x

  16. Oh, my dear fairies,
    thank you for your lovely comments.
    Its crazy, as a child I didn't liked fairy tales very much. They seemed irrational... I wanted truth. Today I like truth and fairy tales very much!

    Thank you, dear Tatjana, for this theme.




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