Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Drawing challenge: UNDERWATER LIFE/LOVE

Today at the Castle in the Eisenbach
the little mermaids are sitting at the jetty and bathes in the sun
like their ancestors: their great great Grandmother Sedna from Greenland and
their Danish-born great Grandmother Andersen 'Little Mermaid'
and all the sisters do at the beaches, cliffs and coasts all over the earth
 connected by water and times.

They talk to the enchanted swans about the pro and con 
of beeing a mermaid or a human – and that a morphing is irreversible.

„ Oh, wouldn't it be great that we have both, beeing a mermaid and a human?!“

Her voice had hardly faded away as
1...2...3... a swan brings a tidings and a sachet of a mysterious instant. 

 „Put a sprinkle of water to the sherbet powder and drink it from a shell 
and you will have both, beeing a mermaid and a human.“

So they do. 

Then they looks at their fin and




…Hey presto! as it would a numen... foam-arisen each of them gets two feet!

Lucky they bathes their feet in the Eisenbach and maybe they finds a Mermaid laughing and giggling in the deep, deep water...

Seeable Mermaid
  nail polish on glas panel

Please dive to sweet Julia our host for this week's drawing challenge with the ensouled theme UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE to find more.

Next week Stefanie will be the host.

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden

Now: No. 59 Julia with 'UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE' at 05.+06.05.2012 


Following: No. 60 Stefanie with 'POMPONS AND/OR SKIRT' at  12.+13.05.2012


Then: No. 61 Tatjana with '?' at 19.+20.05.2012


Who is next?

21 Kommentare:

  1. Totally enchanting story, from the beautiful golden hair of your little mermaids, the graciousness of the swans, the equally gracious feet to that giggling mermaid appearing surprisingly.
    I already knew looking at the first 'Arabian Nights' photo, i was in for an underwater treat , xx

  2. Ohhh - lovely lovely lovely! You are such a story writer, my dear friend!

  3. so zauber- und märchenhaft! die Fotos sind wirklich schön, magical I enjoy a lot!
    say hello to the mermaids x Stefanie

  4. you got your fairytale, now for an editor. ever so lightly, your imagery builds up.
    nailpolish on glass? daring!!!! ;)))
    that's a princesses' challenge, is it?

  5. you got me with that first image
    underwater world by night
    with stars

    you are such a great story teller
    and your girls with their beautiful hair
    mermaids and human


  6. my dear! magical images and wonderfully told!

    sherbet powder drink from a shell ... so adorable!

    i can hear your giggling mermaids/princesses...and now i absolutely need green nail polish!

    habt eine schönes magisches wochenende, voller unterwassermärchen und nixenküssen,


  7. Ariane, to draw with nailpolish is really a feat! It's great!!!
    Well I will have to try drinking from a shell; what a magical idea.
    The children had a great fun time it looks like, and thank you for such a wonderful story. *smiles* Norma

  8. Ariane

    you are an explorer of ideas I really like how you search for the pieces to fill the gaps that make such strong visual stories. Your pictures are wonderful and I really love the nail polish mermaid. Love it!

    Helen :)

  9. übrigens. wenn sich noch keine gemeldet hat, würde ich auch gerne mal hostess sein...obwohl ich überhaupt keine idee für ein thema hab...also?

    1. Liebe Tatjana,
      Gern! Ich habe Dich auf die Liste genommen für das übernächste Wochenende (19.+20.05.), ok?
      Und bis dahin ist Dir bestimmt ein Thema eingefallen.

      x Ariane

  10. ach, herrliche bilder, erinnerungen an kindheit werden wach - brausepulver und füße baden, ein bisschen angst vor den schwänen haben, die ersten bemalten fussnägel...
    und freude empfinden bei der reizenden kleinen meerjungfrau. schön!!
    liebe grüße von mano

  11. your pics are more and more beautiful

  12. my friend, i want to see all this as a film, this is a beautiful, poetic storyboard!! herzensgruss und kuss, julia

    1. Liebe Julia,
      ich hatte tatsächlich ein kleines Storyboard aufgekritzelt, es dann aber in den Tiefen der Gemächer der Burg verloren... habe dann improvisiert.
      Das Thema hat mir so viel Spaß gemacht, thank you, you fair Mermaid with red scale dress on.
      Love, Ariane.

  13. Oh, your mermaids and swans, beautiful! And toes in the water.. and the nailpolish art work is unique and brilliant!!! And the color is perfect! Love Leena

  14. captivating! I agree with Julia a film would be beautiful! Your photos are so amazing and how you put everything together. In love :)

  15. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  16. My dear Mermaids,
    what a pleasure!
    And thank you very much for your lovely comments.

    Love, Ariane.

  17. you must be a great mom, to be able to tell such beautiful stories! this was so nice, dear, while reading it, i almost turned to be a young girl full of possibilities and dreams!
    - well, in reality i´m only slightly older one ;)
    thanks ever so much!

  18. ich liebe wasserspiegelungsphotos. und sind schwäne nicht einfach zauberhafte geschöpfe? hach....
    und: was bitteschön heißt "seute"? ich nehme das mal als kompliment :):)

  19. Dear Ariane, what a beautiful series of photos! And thank you for your nice words on my blog!



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