Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Drawing challenge: PAPERDOLL / DRAMA




emerged  anew started.
Its a better translation, maybe.


This week's host of the drawing challenge is Norma with PAPERDOLL / DRAMA. 

The theme completes the circle... our very first theme from initiator dear Elisabeth was PAPERDOLL.

I've choosen ORLANDO from Virginia Woolf, which is one of my favorite books,

even the movie, of course
and it worked on stage pretty good, too.

Only three scenes I've picked off and started to draw, cut and
added pages of mags.

Please raise the curtain of Norma's exciting place to have a look on more dolls.


No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection

No. 54 Garden

No. 61 Fairy tale


Now: No. 62 Norma with''Paperdoll/Drama' at 26.+27.05.2012


next: No. 63 Ariane with SHADOW at 02.+03.06.2012


following: No. 64 Mano 09.+10.06.2012


Who is next?

13 Kommentare:

  1. Loving your dolls and the story behind them. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. these are wonderful, love the stories.

  3. yes! i do remember elizabeth's first theme being this and feeling a little sorry i missed it. so i felt pretty damned lucky it got round to paper doll this weekend!
    queen? i put a bet on it you'd notice the armlet. your stunning eye has pleased me no end.
    orlando being your favourite? must get down to that one then, one day. i have simply LOVED your free wheelin' here!

  4. HIHIHI!
    i have sprained my ankle! sweet story you have illustrated here. know i downloaded orlando on your recommendation,
    but it was lost with my computer.
    will download it again.


  5. Id forgotten that film I remembered that I liked it but thats all I can remember Ill have to get it out on video again.

    A lovely visual narrative I liked it a lot the mix of drawing and magazine is nice.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Helen :)

  6. this is great!
    like an old movie
    loved the phrase:
    I have sprained my ankle

    you must have had fun making this
    that is how it looks like
    and yes, the theme made me think
    about the start
    a round circle....


  7. You are such a great entertainer Ariane, you made me giggle, your images; humorous and frivolous and the handwritten text..this is creative thinking allright, xx

  8. haha! love it! very very dramatic.
    really looking forward to orlando! i'm back in the game!

    and did you pen these words with your feather quill? script is beautiful as well.


  9. ich ernenne dich zur drama queen! herrliche geschichte, liebe ariane!
    ich könnte in 2 wochen (9./10.juni) host sein! würde das passen?
    viele grüße, mano

    1. Drama Queen, hehehe, danke liebe Mano ;-)
      Du willst in 2 Wochen unser host sein? Super, ich habe Dich schon auf die Liste gesetzt.
      Viele Grüße

  10. Ariane, reading this drama and seeing the illustrations and graphics for it just tickle my stomache to the very bottom. I LOVE THIS!!!! It inspires me no end. I think this piece would look fabulous in a store window with nothing except your drama piece in it. This must have been completely fun to make. It inspires me to make something in this style. Maybe for one of the challenges up ahead, I'll try this style of art communication. It's so fabby! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. and funny!

    1. Dear Norma,
      oh, it had been completely fun to make! And today I finished a new version... will publish it tomorrow.
      Thank you for your theme!

      Dear Ladies,
      thank you for your nice comments.
      Your applause honours me.


  11. Ariane, yes I know it is a page from a German bible (I think the letter style is old German) and I did that on purpose because the lady was taken to an old chuch by her gringo. So religion plays a big role in this doll. I don't know what exactly because even I myself do not know what the secret is, and I made the doll. Only the muse knows the secret on this one. *smiles* Norma



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