Montag, 28. Mai 2012



Orlando doesn't let me go. 
This is a new version of my paperdoll drama. I've had this one in my head, outcoming was the first version, surprising for me. 
During working on it I've gone astray to write under her skirt... My nib was twisted and I cut a quill of a goose for writing. But the flow was so big that I had to write larger. But there weren't so much place for the words under her skirt.

And: I dare to write in German now, although its closer to me...


May I please be our next host and invite you for the next week's drawing challenge?

The theme is SHADOW

Please let me know that you are in and I'll add you to the list. Anything goes. 
Publish your work at the next weekend, the 02nd and 03rd of June 
(Dear Patrice, take your time)

Wish you a sunny week!


23 Kommentare:

  1. dear dreamy ariane {i hope you do not mind me calling you dreamy}. i think there is no better subject than shadow. i am in love with shadows, in all shapes and sizes. and they are so furtive! {only... how to draw this, hey?}
    naturally, i like to join.
    ps - i will look for shadows in good company {patrice}, next weekend. we will of course have drawing on our minds....

  2. dear Ariane, thank you!
    for your nice words
    I love, LOVE the theme
    but don't know....
    yesterday my brother called and
    he will come this wednesday
    and the musical, that musical
    so, I will think about it
    and let you know

    and about your second paperdoll/drama
    I love it!
    had to smile at that third images 'allein....'

  3. Loving your paperdoll/drama, so fabulous, x

  4. Hello Ariane!
    Your ongoing theater has me intriguied! I love the close ups of her feet - she is flying!
    i don't know how i got so busy, but i will be watching the challenges from the sidelines until i can get ahead of my tasks!
    xo stephanie

  5. Ariane, first, those trees at the very beginning are so inviting and interesting to set the scene. Love the simplicity of the visual. And then I noticed the sewing job for the clothing. Everything just perfect and proper. Her 'mary jane' shoes are fabulous. This whole drama so great. This whole little installation would look nice set up in a china cabinet with glass doors so it could easily be seen. I enjoy your muse. And the quill pen really is the icing on the cake for me...that you made it...that you used it...and the photo of it.
    Grand Drama!!! *smiles* Norma
    p.s I am IN for the shadow theme. I already have an idea inside my head. It involves a sewing machine and celery seeds for some reason. We'll see what the muse has in mind.

  6. What a lovely paperdoll, Ariane! I found some old ones in a junk shop some days ago, it reminded me of looking for my old paper dolls in my parents attic.

    I would very much like to participate in the drawing challenge, even though I do not draw :). But then I have to publish on wednesday, because I am going away for the weekend, already on thursday, in fact. Is that ok? Have a great week!

  7. Ariane, both versions are wonderful! Your imagination is delightful.
    I would like to participate in the drawing challenge also.

  8. your paperdoll is gorgeous!
    I am not sure I'll find something but hey! count me in ; )

  9. count me in!
    but I will probably publish early
    Thursday or Friday morning

    Patrice A.

  10. Your paper doll drama is so light and floaty I love the painted scene behind her wonderful!
    Count me in I also love shadows and have an extensive collection of shadow images that I bore friends and relative with but I think I can get it into challenge shape so feeling a little excited about this one.....

    Have a wonderful week Arianne!

    Helen in wintery Melbourne :)

  11. okay in my excitement of thinking "goody shadows!"
    I failed to mention how impressed Iam that you used a proper feather quill and ink and the beautiful flower of sublime pink and the last picture of your maiden/fellow Orlando has made me realise that the clothes are removable?
    Love the way your mind thinks Arianne.....:)

  12. just like you, this paperdoll/drama stays playing through my head but you actually made some others and they are really great, that gorgeous skirt neatly hemmed and than that writing, very elegant my dear, bravo!

    count me in for 'shadows' very inviting theme, xx

  13. Dear Ariane, a lovely post as always:) ps. I am in with my shadow...

  14. sehr schön die zweite Version, ich mag die Pupe auf dem Boden liegend mit den Worten auf Bein und Boden, das ist ein ganz starkes Bild.
    Liebe Ariane, ich bin auch diesmal dabei, also count me in, please!
    X Stefanie

  15. thanks dear,
    lovely post!
    and it´s great fun to play with shadows :)
    so yes, i´m in.

  16. dear ariane,
    my soft spot for paper dolls has just gone softer + deeper - beautiful !
    and thank you for noticing my weakness for shadows, i would so have loved to play. sadly, all my hours are accounted for, leaving friday for a long weekend. but i look forward to what you all make. have fun !

  17. Dear Ariane, a lovely post (as always) - love your paper flying doll!

  18. thank you, ariane
    for letting me know! i am in,

  19. Hi Ariane, if its OK will post my Shadow painting on Friday along with Paint Party Friday. Enjoy your week, Annette x

    Do I post it on your blog?

  20. greta and I are in for SHADOW!


  21. komme erst heute dazu meine runde zu drehen. und bin natürlich gerne am wochenende mit dabei, um meine schattenseiten zu zeigen...

    deine paperdoll versionen verzücken!


  22. liebe ariane, die neue dame ist ebenfalls wunderbar!
    leider kann ich bei den schatten nicht dabei sein, deshalb wollte ich auch erst nächste woche hostess werden. schade, aber es geht nicht anders. so bin ich gespannt darauf, welche schatten im netz rumfliegen werden.
    liebe grüße von mano - mein thema für den 9. kommt spätestens am sonntag!

  23. Wow..gorgeous post..your art is so beautiful..such magical photos!and that fabulous bloom..lovely!
    Yes..I will be there for some shadow magic!!


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