Dienstag, 26. November 2013


Sonntags schien die Sonne in die Burg am Eisenbach. 
Nach dem Morgenkaffee warf ich das Buch in die Kissen. Der König hatte seinen Schreibtisch so blitzblank leer sortiert, dass ich es äußerst einladend fand, mich daran zu setzen und mir endlich einen smaragdgrünen Ring zu knüpfen.

Sundays sun shone in the Castle at the Eisenbach.
After having coffee in the morning I threw the book into the cushions. The King has emptied his desk so spic and span that I found it tempting to sit down and start finally to make
an emeraldgreen ring to me.

Besides cooking, the laundry (a Sunday seems to be a weekday for me, but without an alarmclock :) and time with my family I finished the ring in the late evening.

And now I will enjoy the Autumn, your Autumn!

Samstag, 23. November 2013


In the Eisenbach at the Castle

one swan has runaway from shelter... Johanna enjoys the nice weather: 
sunny, clear and a little bit crisp.

Not all days in Autumn are like that...

On my way alongside the Eisenbach my gaze settled on this leaves
 lying on the soil mould proper... disappearing... kind of fossil.

So I take a canvas 50/40cm and the pigments, try to capture this process

treat it with a knife
            more and more

like falling leaves

since it becomes more abstract
and photograph it extra in a blurry way
to show the flowing transitions of the process, 
there is no stop, life goes on and on.

For this week's drawing challenge I have choosen the theme AUTUMN. The temperatures has sank nights sub-zero, so the last leaves FALL.

Fall yellow
and orange
compressing to brown
for new life

I have taken a knife for painting
because Autumn is one of the 5 phases, that one of  'metal':
time of farewell, carve all the useless,
turn to the inside
to your inner knowledge

and sometimes, sometimes like today, some beautiful flowers are blossoming
even in Autumn:

sunny Kristen
flying Susan
earthy (garden) Patrice
bunny Celine
kroko Dania
ohlala Tania
happy Rachel
pirat Sara ;-)
humming Barbara
sui generis Stefanie
herzfrische Sabine
Annton Beate Schmidt

Thank you very much for playing, dear blossoms!
Have a happy weekend!

No 120 Tattoo

today: No 121 Autumn

Our next hostess of the drawing challenge is sunny Kristen  at the next weekend
30th/1st of December :-)

Who is our next host?


Dienstag, 19. November 2013

dc Invitation!

My lovelies,

maybe I will be late, maybe I will be slowly visiting you this weekend... 
hope, that it doesn't matter:

May I please invite you for the next drawing challenge? 
The theme is Autumn

How is this time of year to you?

You can sketch it, paint, cut, photograph, sew, chrochet... what ever you want. 
Say you are in and I take you to the list of participants and establish a link to you. 
See you... this weekend, the 23rd + 24th of November 2013, dear:

sunny Kristen

Montag, 18. November 2013


Der Himmel hing bleischwer
Amaryllen pfiffen drauf
Und als es völlig dunkelte 
Der Himmel hing bleischwer
Gabs draußen nur Kännchen
Röschen kuschelt sich in Flechtengezweig
Der Himmel hing bleischwer
Amaryllen pfiffen drauf

Heaven hung leaden
Amaryllis couldn't care less
And as it quite darkened
Heaven hung leaden
Outside there were only small pots
Little rose snuggles up into lichen branches
Heaven hung leaden
Amaryllis couldn't care less

Ich räume herum in der Burg, sortiere, werfe weg, finde wieder... bin glücklich dabei.
Verliere mich lustvoll...
Möchte gern mir einen smaragdgrünen Ring knüpfen und lesen, lesen lesen...  - 
wünsche einen dc Host herbei für das nächste Wochenende, das wär' schön... gibt's da wen?

I clear away in the Castle at the Eisenbach, sort out, dump, find again... am happy with it.
Get lost sensual
Should like to make an emeraldgreen ring for me and read, read read... -
wish for the drawing challenge a host next weekend, fine it would be... 
is there someone?

Donnerstag, 14. November 2013


 Ich maulte als ich heute morgen bei schönstem Licht zum Fotografieren die Burg am Eisenbach verlassen habe und es dämmert bereits, als ich wiederkehre: 
Die dunkle Jahreszeit ist da. 
Doch jetzt hüllt mich die Dunkelheit wie ein samtener Mantel 
und mein Trotz wandelt sich zu Sanftheit.

I grumble as I left the Castle at the Eisenbach in beautifullest light to photograph 
today morning and dusk is falling already when I return: 
The dark season is here. 
But now the darkness wrap me like a velvety coat 
and my opposition turns to softness.

Das Licht aus der Küche und der Mond schienen dazu.

The light in the kitchen and the moon shined to this.


Dienstag, 12. November 2013


Wenn die Wellen über mir zusammenschlagen, 
tauche ich hinab, nach Perlen zu fischen. 

When the waves pound over me,
I dive down to troll after pearls

Mascha Kaléko...
 sagt es so schön poetisch... says it so beautiful poetic

Unserer ältesten Tochter geht es wieder gut,
sie macht ihrer kleinen Schwester hübsche Frisuren... ihr Zwillingsbruder lernt weiter laufen und ich, ich backe wieder Kuchen. Verliere unsere Jüngste beim Laternelaufen im Dunkeln und Gewimmel... später finden wir uns,

Our eldest daughter is well again,
she is doing pretty hairstyles with her little sister... her twin brother is learning on to walk and I, I bake cake again. Lost our youngest during latern walk in the dark
and swarm... later we find us,

First two pics by my husband.

Samstag, 9. November 2013


Some Inuit women has got tattoos in their face. 

This tattoos were made with a needle and a blacken thread with soot...
pulled under the skin is this a very old practice for over a thousand years.
The first line on the chin were given by older woman when a girl got their first menstruation... to
proof of a woman's readiness to bear children. The next tattooed line at their marriage, next for the first children and so on, added by some lines for spiritual power.

Last week I have found my daughters like this...

My Great-Grandfather came from Greenland
and moved to Danmark. I remember that his son, my Grandfather, has got a tattoo on his arm:
 an anchor.

This week's drawing challenge (the 120th!) is hosted by my dear friend Patrice
Her theme is TATTOO. This made me smile because of my 'tattooed' girls. I haven't got a tattoo, but my mother does: in her neck is a chinese sign for dragon tattooed in the colour of sheer vains!
I think my skin is too sensitive and I wouldn't be able to decide a pattern... ha! maybe 
some roses?

I retrace the inuit lines of my family and have drawn my self-portrait with carbon on canvas (10/15cm)... did the reference in a Fotofix automat wearing an annoraaq (Greenlandic word!)... and tattooed the lines with permanent marker. I have added the portrait with a naked body to show the vulnerability together with power.

Please make a visit at Patrice's great place to find more wonderful tattoos by other artists.

Happy weekend to y'all!

today: the 120th of drawing challenge hosted by wonderful Patrice A.
today with TATTOO

Who is our next host?



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