Montag, 24. Dezember 2012




Ihr Lieben,
trotzdem ich Angst habe hier etwas zu verpassen, werde ich eine kleine Blogpause einlegen... meine (Maus-)Schulter schmerzt sehr und verlangt nach Schonung.
Wie wäre es mit einer dc am ersten Wochenende im Januar 2013?! 

Ich wünsche euch herzlich Frohe Weihnachten, Licht und Liebe! 

Dear ones,
nevertheless I'm afraid to miss something here, I'm going to take a break of my blog... my (computermouse-)shoulder hurts and demands after a rest.
How about a dc at the first weekend in January 2013?!

I wish you heartily a Merry Christmas, Light and Love!

* The Winter
Silent and light Winter progresses. A soft wind blows to oneself. Children are playing in the snow. and having a snowball fight. And I'm Seey. I am a cat. I only look at the children. Oh what is that a sleigh is driving through the air the Santa is her now YAY! the kids are chorusing. The End.
by our youngest

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012


The Nature seems to be congeals by cold of winter like this lake.

 Last Tuesday I have seen at the River Alster 
somebody fed Geese and Seagulls... but whats about the Swans? 

These birds are one of the emblems of City of Hamburg.
In month of November the Swans were captured and carried by barge
to a small part of a lake
 called the Eppendorfer Mühlenteich. 
During wintertime specially for them this small part of the lake will be keep clear of ice. 

On a long walk last Friday I have visited them at that place.

  I feel like a paparazzi when I take this photos through the rods of the fence... 
they are good sheltered.

 Plants finds different forms of shelter from cold...


 or were protected by humans.

The wheel of ages twirls
and the days becomes longer soon
vernal equinox will comes and the Swans leave their small lake... 
swim to the River Alster and right into the Eisenbach... a pair of Swans... 'Christian' and 'Christiane'... will breed and give shelter to some little ones.

Dear Renilde is our host this week with SHELTER. 
My drawing shows my imagination from feeling shelter 
of beeing held by Heavenly Father and carried by Mother Earth, each one of us.

 Please visit Renilde's 'home' for more deep feelings.

Love to you!


No. 84 Little Red Riding Hood
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No. 86 Cactus

Now: No. 87 Renilde with SHELTER at the 15th + 16th of December

who is our next host? and when?

Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

7. Zimmer

Die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach kommt im 7. Zimmer* ins schwelgen...

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach starts to wallow in the 7. Zimmer (7th chamber)*...


More Swans in connection with SHELTER, this week's dc theme of dear Renilde, later.

*Das 7. Zimmer ist ein sehr besonderer Antiquitätenladen von Gabriele Kost in Eppendorf.
*The 7. Zimmer (the 7th chamber) is an very particular antique shop of Gabriele Kost in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

Tagesrund und Reflektionen

Heute morgen als ich aus dem Fenster sehe,
 fällt mir wieder ein, dass wir heute

Today in the morning as I look out of the window,
 it crosses my mind again, that there is another meeting of Venus and Moon today.

Ich nehme die Kamera mit und mache einen schönen Spaziergang zum Bus.

I take the camera with me and have a nice walk to the bus.

Und von der Bahn aus fotografiere ich die Binnenalster.
 - Am Nachmittag auf dem Rückweg steige ich dort drüben aus der Bahn...

And from the train I take this picture of the Inner alster Lake.
 - In the afternoon on my way back I alight from the train...

Als ich die Burg am Eisenbach erreiche, geht schon die Sonne wieder unter... 
nur noch ein paar kurze Tage und sie bleibt länger!

As I reach the Castle at the Eisenbach the sun sets again... 
only a few short days and she stays for longer!


    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...