Dienstag, 4. November 2014



Hamburg 18:45, 03.11.2014

from my kitchen window
through the poplar 
to the moon and back 
to the Eisenbach
into the Castle

May I invite you to the next,
to the 150th (?!) drawing challenge this weekend?
I Barbara Bee am is your hostess and my theme is 


and she will take your 'logons' here to her beautiful place!

if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' (etc) are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all
(thank you, Patrice, couldn't say it better:)

It is a disaster with the Castle, 

but thank God we are all fine. 
Thank you so very much for your condolence!


Sonntag, 2. November 2014

dc No 149: underwear

As I prepare the figs for a quiche
(delicious together with goat's cheese!), this Autumn day comes to my mind. 
Birds have singing like in Spring, it is warm (today, at the 1st of November are 19,7°C in Hamburg!) and on numerous trees are still so many leaves... leaves... hmm,
I have an idea for the theme of the drawing challenge: underwear

a figleaf...

maybe the very first underwear in art history

socially acceptable
for bashful mantling of the privat parts.

I have drawn a leaf of a fig with a nib and green ink on an old lino
(Roses, made it for a book in 1991). This week's drawing challenge underwear is the theme of our hostess Stefanie Seltner. Please come to her place for more underwear.

Wish you a delicious day!


today: No 149  Stefanie Seltner
with underwear at the first weekend of November

No 150 Ariane with Colour

No 151 Carole with FOLDS 
at the weekend 15th + 16th of November 2014


who is our next host?
Shall I or is there anybody else, who want to?



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