Freitag, 30. März 2012

Drawing challenge #55: SMILE

The Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci has used as a model.

 And my first born daughter.

I was very surprised and confused 
as a young mother that she - and her twinbrother - did not smile from the start of life.

After 6 weeks with less and lot of less sleep in the nights I felt very tired when I breastfeeded her at 1.45 in the night. Sitting there in dim light she stoped drinking, looked at me and smile. 
I will never forget that smile in my life, so heavily sweet.

One can not force a smile. But invites it.
(I try it with my image painted with tempera on canvas.)

Lovely Leena as our host of this week's drawing challenge does. Please come to her 
wonderful blog vivere est to have a look at more smiles.... and smile.

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden

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'I am a { ··· fill in your zodiac sign ··· }'
at 14.+15.04.2012

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'A pair of...' at 21.+22.04.2012

Coming: No. 58 Patrice with '?' at 27.+26.04.2012

Who is next?

For Annie

Rainbow nail polished toes for Annie
Support and love for you.

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Vorsätze / Purposes

Erinnert Ihr Euch an diesen  Fächer ? Do you remember this fan ?

Es ist fast ein Jahr her, dass ich ihn Euch zeigte. 
Zu einer Drawing challenge von Rachel mit dem Thema MAP zeichnete ich u.a. eine Reparaturanleitung für diesen Fächer von 1906, dessen Bänder zerschlissen waren. Fertig ist er leider immer noch nicht...
Nun, mit meinen to-do-Listen ist es ein bisschen, wie mit den guten Vorsätzen zum Neuen Jahr: Wenn es nur auf so einer Liste steht, ist es für mich schon fast erledigt...
Lange Zeit hatte ich gar keine Listen, damit ich nicht jedes Mal das Gefühl des Scheiterns haben musste. Scheitern - was ist das eigentlich? Ein Gefühl? Tatsache? Ist es kulturell bedingt? Hier in Deutschland ist man da sehr streng in der Bewertung, während es in anderen Ländern zum Beispiel eher üblich ist, auch mal etwas auszuprobieren, was dann nicht funktioniert. Und, es dann nichts macht.
Kann man Scheitern lernen? Wie ist es bei Euch?

Its nearly one year ago that I showed it to you. 
At a Drawing Challenge of Rachel with the theme MAP I drawed including a repair instruction for this fan from 1906 its ribbon were raddled. Its not finished yet...
Well, with my do-do-lists it is like with the purposes for a New Year: If they are on my list, its nearly done for me...
Long run I haven't got any list, because of the feeling of failure. Failure - what is it? 
A feeling? Fact? Is it influenced by culture? Here in Germany one is very severe with you, when in other countries for example its usually to try it out. 
What not stand the test, doesn't matter. 
Is it possible to learn failure? How is it with you?

Auf ein Neues! Fächer, ich komme. Once again! Fan, I'm coming.

Montag, 26. März 2012

Königs Geburtstag / King's b-day

Meines Königs (von der Burg am Eisenbach) Geburtstag am Sonntag 
war eine gar prächtige Feier!

My King's (of the Castle at the Eisenbach) birth at Sunday
was an altogether glamorous celebration !

Dieses hier sind seine Blumen... These here are his flowers. 
Wundervoller Duft strömt durch die Burg. 
Wonderful fragrance is streaming through the Castle. 

I look forward to strolling through your gardens during the next days, my lovelies...

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Drawing challenge #54: GARDEN

My mother loved the garden. I also loved the garden of my grandparents.

These days there it's for our children the garden of Queen Isolde.

 For this week's drawing challenge dear Renilde is our host with GARDEN. 
I've painted first the watercolor. 
And then just now the egg tempera jointlye with Forget-me-not my version of a painting of Philipp Otto Runge.

This lovely theme brings back many good memories of time in gardens as a child, now as a mom... and with bros and sis all over the world... and of course the feeling of dark, wet earth on my hands during planting and sweetest smell in my nose. Thank you, dear Renilde!

Please visit her fantastic place for more GARDENs of lovely artists.

Happy weekend!

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection

Now: No. 54 Renilde with GARDEN at 24.03.+25.03.2012

Next: No. 55 Leena with SMILE at 31.03.+01.04.2012

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Freitag, 23. März 2012

Vor-Garten / In front of garden

Die Zwillinge wurden am Freitag 11
- Ein Gartenbild ist fertig... aber mir schwebt noch ein anderes vor.

The Twins has turned 11 at Friday. 
- A garden painting is ready... but I have something different in my mind.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Licht / Light

 Vor lauter CONNECTION habe ich die Kartoffeln auf dem Herd fast vergessen
... und freue mich über das himmlische Licht in Ost und West.

Faced with so many CONNECTIONs I've nearly forgotten the potatoes on the hearth
... and I am glad to see the heavenly light in East and West.

Welcome, dear Olga.

Samstag, 17. März 2012

Drawing challenge #53: CONNECTION

We ALL are here at the same time.
Our energy fields are mutually dependent and interacts... like those of this blossoms.

For this week's drawing challenge with the theme CONNECTION please have a look at those blossoms of Dog Rose and Tulips, Snapdragon and Eustomia, Poppy and Peony. 

I've photographed them with a pushed color film... soft, without focus, with big grain 
and lots of light.

So it becomes clear what otherwise is not visible: 
How spheres, energy fields touches each other, though there is a distance.

Feel connected to all the other participants from all over the world:


and even to those who have not published here today, of course!

Now: No. 53 Ariane with 'CONNECTION' at 17.+18.03.2012

Next: No. 54 Renilde with GARDEN at 24.03.+25.03.2012

Who is next? 


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