Samstag, 10. März 2012

Drawing challenge #52: INDUSTRIAL

(lat. industria: bustle, industry)

First Henry van de Velde and Walter Gropius would emancipate with 
the BAUHAUS (1919-1933) 
the art from the industrialization and wanted the handicraft revivify again.

Later, in 1928, was Hannes Meyer the new dirctor. He put the social motto 
'need for folk instead of need for luxery' 
and intensified the cooperation with the industry.

   Pic 1 +2 BAUHAUS Dessau, 1990

  One day in 1993 I've been to the Bauhaus-Archive in Berlin. 

As I looked at the photos, lamps , chairs aso, I've been spoken to a woman.
It was Herlinde Koelbl, taking photos for a story for the New York Magazine about the
Bauhaus- Archive.... and she asked wether she can take pictures of me... Yes, of course!

Later she was sitting at the café, having a break.
I've plucked up my courage and asked her wether I can take a picture of her?
She considered for a moment, puts in order her pinned-up hairstyle and nodded.
"Okay, only one picture!"


It was a black and white film, that I pushed sharp from 400 ASA to 1600 ASA, for big grain and strong contrasts, even the development is done for a high negatives contrast.
I've done the prints in the darkroom on paper which is tough black and whites without many nuances. With that reduced manner they are an unicum...
but even industrial serial producible en masse!

For this weeks drawing challenge with the difficult theme INDUSTRIAL from our host dear Rachel I'm not able to do something really by hand... so I show you this photos, made by me... with instruments like camera, 35mm-blackwhite-film, developing tank,
enlarger in the darkroom and of course
my computer!

For more INDUSTRIALs please move to fantastic spelling Rachel!

update: 11.03.2012:
Remember Fukushima
some technic is not mangeable.

Now: No. 52 Rachel  with 'INDUSTRIAL' at 10.+11.2012

Next: No. 53 Ariane with 'CONNECTION' at 17.+18.03.2012

Who is next? 

8 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane! That was an exciting meeting no? You photograph is really good. Both the big AND the small one who is actually my favorite!

    enjoy your weekend : )

    1. In this minute I've answered you at your place, dear Demie... Indeed, that was an exciting meeting! And I had got only 'one picture'... with wavering hands ;-)

      Sunny weekend for you. x

  2. my dear Ariane,

    you surprised me once again
    what a great picture of a pinned-up haired woman
    and what a great story
    I like that period, Bauhaus, very much
    and it fits this theme perfectly!

    I just posted my elaboration of the theme
    no drawing, just pictures, like you

    Patrice A.

  3. Hi Ariane, love the pictures and your story.

    greetings and have a nice weekend!

  4. BAUHAUS is my favorite architectural style. Love the rounded, white buildings.
    Very nice picture you have taken!

    And what is it in the air these days? A creative block?!seems like almost everyone around me.

  5. Ariane,
    I always appreciate a good story from you to go with your images, and the history lesson I am always interested in as well!
    You're a great photographer, you really are.

  6. Yeah, Bauhaus! Icon of Arts, Design and Architecture! I'm deeply impressed by your beautiful photos, they really mirror that very reduced style, even if they have been made many years after the zenith of Bauhaus! Also love the portrait, her face, she looks pleased and unwilling both in one! ;o)

  7. Ahh yes, the edgy artsy Bauhuas! i don't know how i missed this week but...oh well! :)
    nicely done as usual Ariane! You are a treasure trove of information and inspiration.



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