Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Return to standard time / Invitation to the AC #199

Bouquet of sweet maries, privet, ivy 
and green branches (of? I don't know) upon quinces

It has been a fine day, 
this Sunday, at the return to standard time. 
I have stayed in my PJ's all day long, watching the leaves 
falling into the Eisenbach, softly, photographing, 
cooking a bubbling soup for my family, 
preparing for some jokes for halloween and... 

preparing for school. Yes, vacation for my kids is over: back to school!

Well, this make me think, 
that these two perceptions could be a nice theme for our Art Challenge. 
For the 199th of AC you can choose one or take both! 
Halloween. School. Yah! 

Are you in?

PS: Had you seen the last post? I tried to write a little story, my hidden pleasure.
And more photos you can find here.


No. 197 Room with A VIEW 
No. 198 TIDE

this weekend: No. 199 Halloween/School
here at Rose on the first weekend of November

Who wanna host the


Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Der blaue Nebel verzog sich
und huschte nun in anderer Gestalt durch den Park

The blue fog lifted
and flitted in other build through the park now

Es strebten die Bäume zur Quelle, als dort, weiter hinten

The trees aspired after the source, as there, further aft

sich Wesen verbanden, behände eine Allianz eingingen

as beings federated, nimblely stroke up an alliance

und weiße Geschöpfe erwuchsen, liebend.

and white creatures arose, loving.

Dieses Auf- und Nieder, mal pfeilartig, mal schlängelnd

The up and down, once arrowy, once serpentine

ist nichts für Hasenfüße! Andächtig...

it's nothing for a scaredy cat! Prayerful...

ja, innerlich gesammelt, liebäugelt man mit dem Wandel

indeed, inwardly composed, one ogles with the flux

paarweise. in pairs.

Erscheinungen, Körper wesentlich, beginnen sich zu ähneln

Guises, bodies essentially, begin to look alike

Der haushohe kalte Hund wandelt sich vom Geburtstagwunschkuchen
der Jüngsten am saphirblauen Abend zum Gebäck mit dem Gemahl
(heute sind's 16 Jahre vor dem Gesetz)

High as a house the hedgehog changes from the birthday-wish-cake
of the Youngest to a cake with the spouse at the sapphire-blue eve
(16 years today in the eyes of the law)

Hope, your are fine?
Love, Ariane. Rose


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