Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Return to standard time / Invitation to the AC #199

Bouquet of sweet maries, privet, ivy 
and green branches (of? I don't know) upon quinces

It has been a fine day, 
this Sunday, at the return to standard time. 
I have stayed in my PJ's all day long, watching the leaves 
falling into the Eisenbach, softly, photographing, 
cooking a bubbling soup for my family, 
preparing for some jokes for halloween and... 

preparing for school. Yes, vacation for my kids is over: back to school!

Well, this make me think, 
that these two perceptions could be a nice theme for our Art Challenge. 
For the 199th of AC you can choose one or take both! 
Halloween. School. Yah! 

Are you in?

PS: Had you seen the last post? I tried to write a little story, my hidden pleasure.
And more photos you can find here.


No. 197 Room with A VIEW 
No. 198 TIDE

this weekend: No. 199 Halloween/School
here at Rose on the first weekend of November

Who wanna host the


10 Kommentare:

  1. Ha, nun warst du schneller als ich- um so besser, dann mache ich bei Dir mit :-)
    x Stefanie

  2. Fun! I'm in. Still have to read your last post dearest, but no time right now. Later today I hope to come back.

  3. I would like to join in, thank you.
    Your photos are beautiful and a joy to see Ariane.

  4. deine fotos sind verwunschen schön. ich mag besonders quitten und das stillleben mit mona lisa! ich überlege, ob ich zeit finde für die AC. falls ja, komme ich wieder.
    lg, mano

  5. Wunderschöne Herbststimmung! Ich bin diese Woche dabei. :-)

  6. Hi Ariane, Tammie Lee mentioned the Art Challenge and pointed me in this direction (thanks Tammie) I'd like to have a go, and join you all this weekend please.
    Your photographs are beautiful, especially the lace top hydrangea they look so lovely as the colours change at this time of year. I've had a similar couple of days.. pottering slowly. love this time of year.

  7. your images and thoughts are so to the point, so to die for, almost.
    i really like being reminded of the fall through your soft eyes.
    i'll look forward to gather round the circle, next weekend.
    i might bring some music, i'm stubborn like that... ;)))

  8. Wunderschön bebilderter Post, anregend.



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