Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

dc #172: Plates

 Carefully she balanced the stack of the good plates through the dark hallway 
and then she entered the diningroom angelically

I have not an atelier, but space when f.i. the little one watch 
a fairy tale in TV and no one else need the kitchen table.

 We live in a borough here in Hamburg, where most of the buildings are from the fin de siècle
 (and were not destroyed in the WWII). I enjoy this very much: the adornments which are rich floral, with figures or only faces or just graphically, repeating pattern. I wonder why we do not build like that anymore, nowadays? outside and inside of the buildings? No time to clean that raced surfaces*?

Even the plates have to be tolerant enough for the automatic dishwasher


At this (already!) summer weekend dear Joke is our host with PLATES for 
the drawing challenge #172. I  have drawn with oil pastels on wrapping tissue.

You find me on the balcony, close to the fragrance of the roses and lavender, 
when I look at the PLATES of the others via Joke's blog.

Thank you for your visit.
Have a nice day!


#172 PLATES at Joke's
this weekend


Who is our next host?

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Sista! {and new dc theme}

 Happy birthday, mein liebstes Schwesterherz!

My eldest daughter has a school project with hexagons. 
I try to help her not too much, so she can find her own way... and me, too

This week's host of the drawing challenge is dear Joke with her theme 

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

dc No 171: something from the ocean

You'll find here in the Lionpalace 'something from the ocean' in every corner


and similar

Jellyfish peony [Cnidaria paeonia]

For this week's drawing challenge with the theme 'something from the ocean'
I got inspired by browsing through 'Art forms of Nature' by Ernst Haeckel

This chandelier (see above) hangs in the Musée et Institut océanographique de Monaco and was made after his drawing of a jellyfish... Art nouveau as its best! As I photographed the oyster and the garlic, my eye felt on the peony... in my mind the jellyfish.

I have painted my 'jellyfish peony' with water color and syrup (the pistil). For more from 'something the ocean' please swim over to Veronica's haven: she is the host with this fabulous theme. Thank you!


Veronica is our host of the dc #171 with 
'something from the ocean'
this weekend, the 13th + 14th of June

#172 at Joke's
last weekend of June

Who is our next host?

Montag, 8. Juni 2015

update: Isoldes Garten {Move}

look here

and here

Viel zu lange ist es her, dass ich in Isoldes Garten war.
Wir fahren hin und es ist unglaublich, wie nährend so ein Stück Land {Natur} sein kann -
immer wieder.

It's been way too long since I has been in Isolde's Garden.
We move to it and it is almost unbelievable, how nourishing such a plot of land {nature} can be - again and again.

PS: I will move to your MOVE as soon as possible!
update: and: who is our new host for the next drawing challenge?

Veronica is our host of the dc #171 with
'something from the ocean'
this weekend, the 13th + 14th of June


    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...