Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

dc No 171: something from the ocean

You'll find here in the Lionpalace 'something from the ocean' in every corner


and similar

Jellyfish peony [Cnidaria paeonia]

For this week's drawing challenge with the theme 'something from the ocean'
I got inspired by browsing through 'Art forms of Nature' by Ernst Haeckel

This chandelier (see above) hangs in the Musée et Institut océanographique de Monaco and was made after his drawing of a jellyfish... Art nouveau as its best! As I photographed the oyster and the garlic, my eye felt on the peony... in my mind the jellyfish.

I have painted my 'jellyfish peony' with water color and syrup (the pistil). For more from 'something the ocean' please swim over to Veronica's haven: she is the host with this fabulous theme. Thank you!


Veronica is our host of the dc #171 with 
'something from the ocean'
this weekend, the 13th + 14th of June

#172 at Joke's
last weekend of June

Who is our next host?

9 Kommentare:

  1. such lovely photos
    and i love your inspiration for your drawing
    so charming

  2. Beautiful photos, and I admire the way you've interpreted the theme in a very personal, lovely way.

  3. Oh my gosh that's fantastic and now I want to grow a jellyfish peony in my garden...or in the Love the shells and corals you have Ariane. I tend to collect them too. Popping over to visit Ernst and be inspired. xx

  4. All das Meeresgetier ist mir bei dir noch nie aufgefallen, aber wunderschön ist es auf jeden Fall und deine Herzchen verschiessender Pfingstrosen-Jellyfish scheint in einem Meer aus Liebe zu schwimmen.

    1. Meine riesige Muschelsammlung ist in der Burg geblieben... aber ich war ja im Frühjahr in Portugal, da gab es noch ein paar neue Muscheln ;-)

  5. That's surprising, how well garlic fits in and with an oyster. The colours, structure,together they are a beautiful new opject from the sea mayby. Beautiful drawings/paintings, very tender!

  6. Lovely decorations from the ocean! (I especially like the wreathed coral.)

  7. you are making one hell of a wadded portfolio, with all the different uses of paint too... such clever inspiration, drawn from the objects you love so... your mind works in mysterious ways. ·am·loving·it· n♥



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