Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

dc No 169: YOUTH

Working on my post here with reading glasses on, I recall the last week:
I sat in the train with my son, outside the graffiti flew past, the idea for a own graffiti came into my mind. I never did it before, not even in my youth! 

I haven't caught most of the graffiti, 
and honestly found them ugly... would like to make a wall or something else look pretty! 

So I cut out a rose in Jugendstil manner for a stencil (Jugend {German} = Youth)

But, where can I spray? (without being arrested!)

here? Nope!

or here? There's color, already... but, nope. 


and here:

Well, it is chalk to spray, pink chalk, after a rain shower it will be gone ;-)  

and I don't want to whet somebody's appetite, but it opens my eye for the signs
and patterns (but: It is a layer for the youth and i understand, that's not my affair, anymore)

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by me and the theme is YOUTH
When you are up for pieces of others', come over here:

Carole ReidPatrice A., Nadeschda of woolfenbell,
Katrin Seltner of Fische Frauen, Joke Konings of spiegel-beeld
and Veronica, Tammie of Beauty Flows
Rachel of Hi Happy Panda, Eric of cerulean, Tania of ja.nein.vielleicht
and Joanne of in other words... and

Thank you for playing, dear dc-friends!


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Any host for the drawing challenge No. 170?


PS. Who knows the themes of the dcs' No. 153, 154 and 155?

Thank you, dear Patrice :-*

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

update: dc invite, new theme

From time to time I look back to my adolescence {by means of different trigger and with waxing age} - and here and now and in the future to these special time of my kids (in the age of 14 + 14 +10). This makes me think of a nice new theme!

May I invite you to the this week's drawing challenge No 169? The theme is:


If you want to join, leave a comment saying that you are in.
The following weekend - 30th + 31st of May - the drawings (etc) are shown on the blogs of the participants and the host links to them all.

These lovely people have registered already:

Carole Reid, Patrice A., Nadeschda of woolfenbell, Katrin Seltner of Fische Frauen, Joke Konings of spiegel-beeld and Veronica, Tammie of Beauty Flows
Rachel of Hi Happy Panda, Eric of cerulean and Tania of ja.nein.vielleicht

Samstag, 23. Mai 2015

dc #168: FRIDA

Some days are full of suffering

Too many ideas overflows me
and even when the sun is shining, I see the shadows and transfixion

but suddenly, sometimes, it transforms 


me, my mirror and a brush full of pain(t)

This is my interpretation of this week's dc theme FRIDA by sweet Patrice
I have struggled, fought, brought me closer to the  theme (to Frida!) and draw with felt tip pen:

laying in a sunny bed with a body cast which is tooled with mirror and brush like hammer and sickle because of her political focus. I draw her like an icon {because she is! thanks to the feminist movement of the 70th} swimming in blue tears (Frida's colour for LOVE) and, of course, a garland of roses in her hair, all framed with leaves.

For more interpretations please look at Patrice's. Thank you for being our host of these 168th drawing challenge, dear friend!

Thank you!

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Blüten, ein Buch und Patrice's Einladung zur dc (168.)

Ich tauche ein in Farben und Frische

I dive into colors and freshness

als die Post via Nachbar kommt und plötzlich ein Kaffee auf dem Tisch steht
(danke, Liebster!)
as the snail mail arrives via neighbor and a coffee is on the small table

Elisabeth Dunker's book: Fine Little Day

I enjoy it very much! (my coffee vaporized...)
It's fresh and inspiring (as her blog and all projects are)

No less fresh and inspiring is Patrice Aarts (+ her shop)
My dear friend is our host of this week's drawing challenge this weekend. 
Her theme is FRIDA (KAHLO). Please come to her place to join in.

mit freundlicher Unterstützung
with friendly assistance by Lady Kate @work (danke!)

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

dc #167: Trickster

I watch a spiral 
in the fluffy blossoms of this peony here

Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks in the Greek mythology,
comes to my mind. He had a crook...

similar to the farn I have drawn
and, he must have been a real trickster {the concept of panic is derived from pan}!

No matter of this, a small edition of a trickster is living in our house ;-)
hope you can watch him here when he hoodwink me

I have found a cover of a ventilator, 
sprayed the fixture golden and screwed it the other way round -voilà- it's our new fruit bowl ;-)

Dear Victoria is our host of this week's drawing challenge no. 167.
Her theme is trickster and it was real fun to eyed the world with this theme in the background... please appear on her place to find more trickster!

Thank you very much for your visit!
Next week my friend Patrice will be our host.
Please stay tuned for her theme!

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015


Ich überarbeite meine Spatzen. Mit dabei sind Gedanken wie 
Geduld, Anerkennen (was ist), Dankbarkeit, Zuhause 

I revise my sparrows. Including thoughts as 
patience, recognize (what is), gratitude, home


Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

update: Wächst und gedeiht (Host!)

Schon eine Woche Mai. Es rauscht! nicht nur der Regen.
Haben wir einen Host für unsere Drawing Challenge dieses Wochenende?

A week of May, yet. It rushes! not only the rain.
Have we got a host for our drawing challenge this weekend?

update: busy Veronica Roth is our host 
this weekend (16th + 17th of May)



    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...