Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

dc No 169: YOUTH

Working on my post here with reading glasses on, I recall the last week:
I sat in the train with my son, outside the graffiti flew past, the idea for a own graffiti came into my mind. I never did it before, not even in my youth! 

I haven't caught most of the graffiti, 
and honestly found them ugly... would like to make a wall or something else look pretty! 

So I cut out a rose in Jugendstil manner for a stencil (Jugend {German} = Youth)

But, where can I spray? (without being arrested!)

here? Nope!

or here? There's color, already... but, nope. 


and here:

Well, it is chalk to spray, pink chalk, after a rain shower it will be gone ;-)  

and I don't want to whet somebody's appetite, but it opens my eye for the signs
and patterns (but: It is a layer for the youth and i understand, that's not my affair, anymore)

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by me and the theme is YOUTH
When you are up for pieces of others', come over here:

Carole ReidPatrice A., Nadeschda of woolfenbell,
Katrin Seltner of Fische Frauen, Joke Konings of spiegel-beeld
and Veronica, Tammie of Beauty Flows
Rachel of Hi Happy Panda, Eric of cerulean, Tania of ja.nein.vielleicht
and Joanne of in other words... and

Thank you for playing, dear dc-friends!


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Any host for the drawing challenge No. 170?


PS. Who knows the themes of the dcs' No. 153, 154 and 155?

Thank you, dear Patrice :-*

12 Kommentare:

  1. Ha, großartig!! Es gibt Kreide zum Sprühen? Wusste ich gar nicht! Auf jeden Fall bleibt festzuhalten: man ist nie zu alt, Dinge zu tun, die man vorher noch nie getan hat. Nie!! ;-)
    Frohes neues Leben als StreetArtist, liebe Ariane!

  2. hee hee hee... oh i love the action! and i think it is quite right, when you feel it is a style up for the young, that's where it's at. still, i like the idea of an art deco rose, anytime, anyplace! and washable! you care for the environment, rose! bravo!! x n♥

  3. Aha, incognito, still feeling a little bit snooky? Doing something that might got you into trouble? Well, I like it, you can put it on any wall I think without thinking about the concequenties. So, Ariana, your doing the thing that is different and reminds you later when your old, grey and less mobil, you can say to the other grannys'well I remembered...a fiew years ago..

  4. Ariane, that's brilliant. I love graffiti and Banksey and all the wonderful street art I see around. Also can't stop photographing it. One friend of my daughter Kerstin is absolutely brilliant at graffiti type art on canvases. I took a photo of Kers holding my brand new granddaughter Ever, and he turned it into a beautiful, huge portrait, which now hangs in Kerstin's living room. But I think that street graffiti is a very important cultural art form. Thank you so very much for hosting. :D Big hugs. X

  5. the power of youth
    I love your rose in pink!
    And I am in, too, by the way... such a nice theme, thank you!
    x Stefanie

  6. Woo hoo! Brave (doing the act) and considerate (using wash away spray paint) at the same time! I don't think anyone would mind if your pink roses lasted for ever on their wall. You rock baby! xo Carole

    Thanks for the fun theme, Ariane.

  7. That seems the right way: spraing with your cap over head:)) Nice post!

  8. clever girl
    jugend-stil, great!!
    love your rose and seeing you in action!
    like a pro ;^)))
    nice, nice post
    i loved the theme
    sweet memories ;^))

  9. Ist ja genial! Bin total begeistert von deinem Rosendesign und finde es schade, daß es nicht permanent ist, gefiel es mir doch gut mit der Mickey and der Gange, daß ich durch Hh wandere und Spuren deiner Existenz sehe, sozusagen Rosen pflastern Ihren Weg, finde ich überaus charmant. Also go for it, ein bisschen jugendlicher Übermut hat noch keinem geschadet. Hihi
    Barbara bee

  10. i think most of us think of graffiti as a thing that is done in youth. how fun that you played with this and with a beautiful rose.
    thank you for being our host!



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