Montag, 31. August 2015

Farewell August, welcome September

Eine Feder von einem Reiher im Eppendorfer Moor

A feather of a heron at the moor (close to the Lionpalace),
showed you that place through the dc: nature, 2 years ago

Andacht. Reverence.

Ein paar Fotos von meinem Smartphone in diesem August:
Natur, Wochenmarkt in Blankenese, Marktstraße und Flohmarkt... und Café.

{Heute hinter den Kulissen: Einschulungsfeier in die weiterführende Schule der jüngsten Tochter, älteste Tochter zur Wurzelbehandlung begleitet, 1. Tag handwerkliches Praktikum vom Sohn}

A few photos of my smartphone in these August:
Nature, weekly market in Blankenese, Marktstraße (Marketstreet) and flea market... and café.

{Today off the stage: first day at the new, secondary, school of the youngest daughter, eldest daughter to the root treatment squired, 1. day of son's internship}

I am back.

Who is our host of the next drawing challenge, No 175? The first in this September.

Samstag, 22. August 2015

dc #174: tiny

Once we lived here, in Blankenese

This morning (Friday), 
during our kids are still in vacation-sleep (message on the kitchen table), hubby and me catch 
a tiny car-to-go (a twoseater) and drive to some of our former favorite spots

Back home in the Lionpalace (kids still in pj)
I recognize, that I really often bring some nature from the big outside
to the inside like the yarrow {Achillea Millefolium}, see above in the 3. photo.
Sometimes as cuttings (f.i. from Portugal) and sometimes as seeds like this acacia. 
It's seeds come from this tree:

by Azalee, Khartoum, August 2015

Till my tiny plant will became a big tree, I have to be patient.

And: what's tiny or big is in the eye of the beholder:

sometimes you only need special glasses!

Look, little fairies are dancing in a round:
Tammie Lee is our host! (thank you, Dear)

Her theme for this drawing challenge No 174 is


As an offset to making this ring of tiny pearls, I draw with coal on a big packing (90x120cm/36x48inch) a huge mouse

Please make sure that you find more of *tiny* (breath carefully)
 at the flowing place of Tammie Lee.

(Have you seen the woman on the stand-up paddle board in the 1. photo, left?)

Have a nice weekend!

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015


Diese Malve habe ich von Lady A. von Eppenthorp in Pflege bekommen.
Meine liebe Freundin ist für eine längere Zeit nicht hier, sondern dort im Süden, am Nil.

These mallow of Lady A. of Eppenthorp I foster.
My dear friend is for a lengthly period of time not here but there in the South, at the River Nile.

Wir sortieren uns neu. Und nicht neu.

We arrange us. New and not new.

und manchmal ist der rote Faden pink

and sometimes the golden thread is pink...

The theme of the next drawing challenge is 'tiny'. 
Sweet Tammie Lee is our host this coming weekend.

Because I couldn't come to France this week,
I catch this pretty plate with butterfly on

Seedpots from Khartoum/Sudan
Tiny eye by Lyndie Dourthe

and a ring of pearls in progress

Samstag, 15. August 2015

dc #173: Image








29092014 (in the afternoon)


22102014 (Vacation)

23102014 (in a hurry)

27102014 (in the afternoon, in direction of the Outer Alster, reflection) 


11112014 (dim, homeless after the fire of the Castle's roof)

13112014 (on the way)


24112014 (framed, in the morning)

24112014 (in the evening)

01122014 (Advent)

15122014 (move to the Lionpalace)

07012015 (back to work, still with fir instead of fountain)



27012015 (cold, without snow)


02022015 (earlier than usual)


04022015 (dove sits on the light)

10022015 (run-through;)


19022015 (balanced)

28022015 (Berlin's calling)

11032015 (back from Portugal)


23032015 (fountain, spring, birthday of my twins)




29042015 (westerly wind)

11052015 (throngth)




08062015 (lamp is broken)





06072015 (to the right: the St. Michael's Church)

07072015 (jam because of road works, Wallring)

23072015 (closure of the Lombard's bridge)

06082015 (still)

15082015 (drawing challenge, Anuschka's birthday, today,
and one day after our 17th wedding anniversary
and one day after my dear friend A.,
the Lady of Eppenthorph, moved to Khartoum/Sudan)

It goes on. The drawing challenge goes on!
This week's drawing challenge is hosted by my sweet friend Nadeschda, woolfy Nadine
and her theme is IMAGE.

I show you here a series of one image, running through a year.
It's on my daily way to work (never on Fridays), crossing the Lombard's bridge, looking in direction of the Inner Alster. The 'panning shot' from the left to the right with the towers of:
St. Petri, St. Cathrine, surrounded by scaffolding the St. Nicolai, close to the tower of the townhall (and sometimes you can see the St. Michael's on the right).

The impressions of the cue state, mostly in the mornings. The effect of time of day and seasons and often this image makes an expression of my mental state...

Please come to Nadeschda Nadine's place to have a look on more IMAGEs!


Rouen Cathedral
took this image in 1989 - analogue, only one time.

Do you know Claude Monet's Rouen Cathedral series?

Happy weekend!

Next host is Tammie Lee 
her theme: tiny
this weekend, the 22nd + 23rd of August


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