Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

dc #128: EYE CONTACT

Eye Contact goes straight to the heart... even when refused. 
For this week's drawing challenge it is Renilde's theme: Eye Contact and I am allowed to play along with my nearly 13-years-old daughter ;-) Danke, Du Süße!

In a fave movie of mine Tilda Swinton as Orlando opens the 'fourth wall' with her eye: she looks into the camera for instance here and here and of course here (in the first 2 minutes)

Eye Contact opens an other dimension.

You can see it at Renilde's Stroke of the Brush!

Wish you a sunny weekend!

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*No 128: Renilde of Stroke of the Brush with Eye Contact
at the 22nd + 23rd of February

No 129: Ariane of Rose at the first weekend of March

No 130: Nadeschda of woolfenbell at the 8th+ 9th of March

No 131: Kristen of A Sunny Spot

11 Kommentare:

  1. so fun that you played with your daughter in this one. So fun to see your photographs.

    thank you for the links, i enjoyed seeing them.

  2. Hi, Ariane, I agree with you, eye contact goes straight to the heart. Very clever your clarification: even if it is refused!
    Yes, it is as you say.
    Very good your intervened photographs
    have a good weekend!

  3. swindon has quite a stare on her, hasn't she? i also LOVE the woven inside of that wig, isn't that craftmanship? is this a virginia woolf's orlando filming? i have never heard of it. i don't think i've read the book either. you have me intrigued! this could easily push over the ending of the darkest month, no? ;)))

    your daughter is gorgeous. 13, he? magic age, is it chez vous as well? thxs for the best sunday wishes. will do. i might even pop out for the folklore procession here, today. if so, i'll make pictures. n♥

  4. Yes, Ariane, looking into one's eyes leads to one's heart. I can imagine looking into your sweet daughter's eyes warms you to the soul. Please send you sunshine this way. xo Carole

  5. wunderschöntraumtrübverschwunschener blickfänger ... und danke fürs gute wünschen.


  6. blicke sagen so viel mehr als worte - und ein kurzes eintauchen in einen blick kann eine ewigkeit voller magie bedeuten. - fein, dass deine tochter "mitgespielt" hat.
    einen wundervollen sonntag wünsch ich dir!

  7. ooohhh..... your beautiful daughter!
    so, so beautiful those blurry images
    and they make me ;^))
    because i have used my 13 year old too

    that first image
    like a beautiful red haired Maria!


  8. Another world is so true- and the child's eyes are the first I thought of as well- they have such a special meaning...I don't know this movie- will have to investigate...and thanks for putting me in the cue ;)
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. How true, Rose, eye contact is a straight shot to the heart. OOOH, that red hair!
    xxoo, sus

  10. when you click the photos to enlarge them and look at them quickly the one after the other...really magical !!
    when you would play that on a big screen it would be even more touching
    and great art.
    beautiful daughter of yours with eyes that look so strong and vunerable at the same time, and her hair!!
    thanks for making eye contact Ariane, xx

  11. Wow! Großartig! Besonders, weil die verschwommenen Bilder wirklich wie Malerei aussehen! Ich gebe aber zu, dass mich die phantastischen roten Haare manchmal ein bisschen von den Augen abgelenkt haben. ;o)
    Und Tilda Swinton...ihr Gesicht ist auch ein einziges gemälde. Man kann ewig darin lesen, sich darin bewegen und wenn einen ihr Blick trifft, ist man selbst getroffen.
    Danke für diese tiefen Einblicke!



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