Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Ein Tag

Die Sonne geht auf über dem Eisenbach

The sun rises over the Eisenbach

Die Jüngste hat dollen Schnupfen und bleibt heute Zuhause

The youngest has a very sniffles and stays at home today

Es tummeln sich die Vögel (wieviele findest Du hier?) 
und später geht der Mond auf

It bustles some the birds (how many do you find here?)
and later the moon rises (21h)

and sets (23h)
To take photographs of the moon is a kind of a daily project by me ;)
- it is the new theme of the dc at Stefanie Seltner this weekend!

12 Kommentare:

  1. hmmmm.....
    such a peaceful day
    i love the colors
    the dark, the yellow, the greyisch-blue
    that firts image my favorite
    i would love to sit on your couch again one day
    see the sun rise in the morning
    and the moon in the evening
    great daily project!


    haven't seen a robin for so long
    but did see some large white egrets!

  2. Wirklich toll, wie du das Tägliche einfängst und zu etwas Wundervollem und Verzauberten machst. Ich neige mein Haupt in Ehrfurcht vor dir!
    Wo kommen die Forsytien her? Drinnen, nicht draussen oder?
    lg barbara bee

  3. what a beautiful set and thank you once again...xx

  4. This is such a classic winter day- comforting in a way that is intimate and loving- hope your little one feels better soon:)

  5. well, there it is, your daily!
    i'd suspected as much already, i was a little surprised to find you are so enthralled by the moon, finding him here time and again. well once a month atleast...
    but i can also vividly imagine why! the moon is dreamy. like your wonderfully dreamy posts!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful as ever, I just love to see how you see things, so much details and feeling for color. Get well soon for your little one!

  7. wonderful idea to take daily photos of the moon
    i feel considering the moon each day to bring us close to rhythms in life

    lovely to see all of your photos

  8. I hope those little sniffles haven't been passed on to you, Ariane! The moon seen every day with intent..... wonderful daily project you're following. xo Carole

  9. Oh the moon. What a vision. It's so beautiful Ariane, your photography I enjoy so much. The story you tell with the lens. All of us look at the very exact same moon. All of us. Equally. Everywhere. What a great project. Norma, xo
    Well my mind is on your poor wee gal with the sniffles. Here is hoping that they will vanish right away. Poof! Gone! Well I hope so anyway. Be well all of you, love Norma, x

  10. it's not normal this silence on your blog
    hope all is well..... ?


  11. Bei Dir wirken selbst Erkältungen poetisch. Wünsche gute Besserung!
    Monde sammeln ist ein wirklich tolles daily project!



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