Samstag, 31. August 2013

update - dc: Chaos... χάος and Order... κόσμος

After he has called me, I couldn't think quite straigth... sherbet powder in my head...
mind like noisy murmur

Didn't know exactly what happened to him, but his voice feebly on the phone...
let me haste to him

 He couldn't set his foot on the floor, leg swollen... Together with his buddy I carried him to a medical praxis. The Doctor confirmed after taken X-rays... shinbone of 12year old son is broken (a gaping space between his tibia)!
Bad news, but my view has become clearer...

chaos has turned into kind of order. I started to know what to do again.

He has to lay smooth for the next days. At Monday, when hopefully his leg will not swollen anymore and the bone remains in a good position, a surgery won't be necessary (we keep our fingers cross!) and he will get a walking cast and can walk with crutches. 

Till then we look after him, carefully
and I find some inner order browsing through some pretty books, a kind of peace, too.
 (Wish I could sit in that porter chair with drawn-in-knees...)

Our dear Barbara Bee is the host for this week's dc with her theme Chaos and Order
This last week was very chaotic to my family and me... first my daughter caught an infection, knocked over down on her pillow, next her twinbrother broke his leg... maybe a kind of κόσμος... a cosmic order?

update: today after a repeated X-ray of son's leg, the doctor decided, that a surgery is not necessary... yay! Thank you for your compassion, sweet friends. Means a lot!

Make sure to visit sweet Barbara Bee's place. On her space she has focussed fantastic artists!

I wish you a happy weekend :)

No 110 Gossamer
No 111 Fern

No 112 Bed and Board

No 113
Nature & {2014 LIVE EVENT}
Today: No 114 with Barbara Bee

and her theme Chaos and Order

Who is our next host?


Mittwoch, 28. August 2013


Neue Dinge (alte, vom Flohmarkt) ziehen in die Burg am Eisenbach, Blumen
wandern von Raum zu Raum, dazwischen der Haus-halt und die Arbeit... und aktuell ein erkältetes Kind. Durchkreuzte Pläne. Mutterherz gewinnt.

New things (old, from the fleamarket) move into the Castle at the Eisenbach, flowers wanders from room to room, in between the house-hold and work... and actually a child with a cold. Baffled efforts. Mother's heart wins.

Gerade als ich den Mond im Visier habe, schwebt der Reiher an mir vorbei, landet am Eisenbach.
Leider hatte ich keine Zeit für eine bessere Belichtung.

Just as I eye the moon, a heron floats round, lands at the Eisenbach.
Alas I hasn't time for a better exposure.

I have the honour to discussed the new theme with Barbara Bee a little bit 
at Lili Nalovi und Jesko Willerts' marvellous ART TEA SHOP in the BÈL ETAGE with a glass of delicious green rose bud tea... 

That new theme dawns on me inward and outward... sweet Barbara Bee is our hostess for the week's dc this weekend with her theme Chaos and Order.

It will be exciting, right?!

Sparrmannia africana

Samstag, 24. August 2013


dew on feet
soil bouncy
view obscure
I stray 
suddely: voices... laughter from anyplace... comes nearer 
and disappears
rustling hum overhead and beside
rustle here and there
 (mosquito bites)

'nature, nature, I am your bride!'

Dear woolfy Nadeschda, the one and only,
is our hostess for this week's drawing challenge (the 113th). I try to focus on her theme nature in a nature sanctuary in Hamburg, the Eppendorfer Moor.
 In my mind land artist Richard Long...

my way

take my booklet and do some abrasion of tree bark with (found barbecue-) coal, find a feather of a grey heron and collect some acrons (that has fallen on my head). First I wanna do some land art, but then after the impression of chaos from left nature drop, I find out that nature herself is the artist here... e.g. see all the eyes and crosses. 
(btw, I post my photos in the order of taking there)

It is in my nature to face... 
but after an abundance of mosquito bites I escape to the sunlit street.

Please have a look at more nature at creative Nadeschda's place
she hoard a lot fine people!

No 110 Gossamer
No 111 Fern

No 112 Bed and Board

Today: No 113 at Nadeschda's, 24th and 25th of August,
theme: NATURE & {2014 LIVE EVENT}
Follow: No 114 with Barbara Bee


have nice a weekend


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