Samstag, 28. April 2012

Drawing challenge #58: EARTHLY

 Mostly I fly...

but now I set out for earth. I look down. Following force of gravity.

'Earth to earth...' in my mind. End and begin of life.


I find creatures that reminds me on India. Afrika.


Music and pieces of healing jewellery 

a fossilised root wood

a garnet crystal.

After dancing pelvis circling and stone meditation I finally settle down. 

Form with clay a shape of a four-leaved Lotus.
The first chakra. The base chakra. 
Feel the connection to Mother earth (and divine Father)
Bodily. Earth(l)y.

Thank you, dearest Patrice!
Even for beeing our host for the this week's drawing challenge with this 'heavy' theme EARTHLY.

Please come to her beautiful, impressive place to see much
 more based art of other participants.


No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden

Now: No. 58 Patrice with 'EARTHY' at 27.+26.04.2012


Next: No. 59 Julia with 'UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE' at 05.+06.05.2012 


Following: No. 60 Stefanie with '?' at  12.+13.05.2012


Who is next?

Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Alte Heimat / Bygone home

 *Orange speech balloon: "The first love one will never forget"

 Reibe der Zitronenjette am Finger (erinnert an die Glücklosen) 
und besuche die liebe Königin K.L.E..

Rub the finger of Zitronenjette (reminds on the haplesses) 
and visit the dear Queen K.L.E..

Vor 30 Jahren wohnten wir auch in diesem Viertel... allerdings gab es da noch nicht soviel spannende Agenturen.

Thirty years ago we lived in this neighbourhood, too... albeit there were not so many exciting agencies not yet.

 Hübsch beschenkt gehts heimwärts.

Pretty endowed it goes homewards.

wo ich vom lustigen tinyWoolf erwartet werde.

where I've been awaited by merry tinyWoolf.

Hurra, die Post ist da! Hurray! mail for me!

Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Heute / Today

Im Aprilwetter bringen die Prinzessinnen und der Prinz aus dem Geheimwald am Eisenbach Schätze herbei. Ist das Ei vielleicht von einer Drossel?

In April weather the Princesses and the Prince brings treasures from the secret woods at the Eisenbach. Maybe this egg is from a throstle?

Mit der Gräfin von Falkenstein habe ich im Kino Die Königin Und Den Leibarzt gesehen. In der Burg blättere ich heute nochmal im Buch und bin immer noch ganz berührt... und froh, mich heutzutage nicht um Kopf und Kragen zu reden.

Together with the Countess of Falconstone, Queenmom, I've seen The Queen And The Royal Physician in the cinema. Back in the Castle I flip through the book again und am still touched... and happy, not to risk my neck with careless talk nowadays.


 Thank you, dearest Rachel

for the pretty, pretty surprise!

Samstag, 21. April 2012

Drawing challenge: A PAIR OF...

OOh my gosh!

I didn't know how many 'pairs of...' I've got at home...



 although one of the pair has been already broken...

 This pair of shoes

 reminds me on a longing visit at the shoe shop...


 I have to safe money...

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by dear Helen with theme 'a pair of...'. 
For this theme I've made a money-box from papier-mâché in shape of a pair of my favorite shoes... because of the prize, you know?

Please put your pair of eyes at Helen's to find more 'pairs of...'!

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden


Now: No. 57 Helen
'A pair of...' at 21.+22.04.2012


 Coming: No. 58 Patrice with '?' at 27.+26.04.2012


Who is next?


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