Samstag, 28. April 2012

Drawing challenge #58: EARTHLY

 Mostly I fly...

but now I set out for earth. I look down. Following force of gravity.

'Earth to earth...' in my mind. End and begin of life.


I find creatures that reminds me on India. Afrika.


Music and pieces of healing jewellery 

a fossilised root wood

a garnet crystal.

After dancing pelvis circling and stone meditation I finally settle down. 

Form with clay a shape of a four-leaved Lotus.
The first chakra. The base chakra. 
Feel the connection to Mother earth (and divine Father)
Bodily. Earth(l)y.

Thank you, dearest Patrice!
Even for beeing our host for the this week's drawing challenge with this 'heavy' theme EARTHLY.

Please come to her beautiful, impressive place to see much
 more based art of other participants.


No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden

Now: No. 58 Patrice with 'EARTHY' at 27.+26.04.2012


Next: No. 59 Julia with 'UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE' at 05.+06.05.2012 


Following: No. 60 Stefanie with '?' at  12.+13.05.2012


Who is next?

21 Kommentare:

  1. You have the eyes of an artist, Ariane.

    I gasped when I saw that clay ... is there nothing nicer to hold?


    1. ... Gasp? wow.
      I'm very pleased to read this, dear Carmel.

      x Ariane.

  2. my dear Ariane,
    love your story
    the search
    earth, rooted, stone
    and that clay
    so much similarity
    and such a different outcome
    I like your Lotus very much
    thank you!!


  3. Hey there fellow flyer, wonderful tour along your train of thought, it delivers beautiful images as usual and makes me want to nest in that lotus, x

  4. Dear Ariane, I love the roots and your beautiful photos and the story they tell x Leena

  5. Wunderschöne Fotos, ich mag sehr, wie Du damit eine Geschichte erzählst, wie ich dabei wirklich auf/in/unter die Erde geführt werde.
    Liebe Grüße, Stefanie

  6. i find your leafy kite in image 1 super, 'mostly you fly'... ;))); all while thinking of jewelry too; i don't mind landing in your inviting bowl-o'-lotus. in good company too.
    will you fire this? and will you show us the outcome?

  7. Hi Ariane, love you photos and story. As another person with my eyes usually looking up this has been such a pleasure to look down with you. Lovely lotus leaf!

  8. Wow..fantastical..loved this post..loved your earth tribute and base chakra.....your lotus is sooo magical!! The trees and photos are healing and full of spirit..i love all the words you beautiful and you!
    PS: love your stones and crystals

  9. dearest ariane. what a wonderful and inspiring post. the elephant discovery! to see the world with discovery eyes is a joy and makes life magical, is not it? and i´m absolutely thrilled about the base chakra of clay. so, so beautiful!

    und jetzt flieg ich verwurzelt weiter...zu den irdischen herausforderungen der anderen.

    herze dich,

    p.s. gestern hab ich - endlich! - dein päckchen geschnürt. und bin ganz beschämt...

  10. es ist wieder beeindruckend, was baumriesen in uns auslösen. ich bekomme immer das gefühl von ganz-fest-verwurzelt-sein. deine fotos haben mir gerade die standfestigkeit gegeben. die schlichte tönerne lotosblüte mag ich auch sehr.
    herzlichen gruß von mano

  11. The lotus clay bowl is perfection. A lovely containing and yet not permanent vessel. It is of the earth, could hold earth and water and stones and crystals and a whole lot of things, including air. It may be able to hold fire for a period as well. It's a grand thing. *smiles* Norma

  12. ... ich bin spät dran, es wurden schon so viele schöne passende worte für dich/deine arbeit gefunden, schliesse mich vor allem mano an. man wird ja von dir stets beschenkt! xox julia

  13. The bowl is amazing! and I love your photography progression- from the outside to the inside and back out again :)

  14. sweet ariane, i would love to be the next host!!
    would you please put me on the list!?
    love, julia

  15. dear Ariane,

    I had contact with Norma before
    and send her over to you
    because you have all the themes
    on your weblog and are the one
    who knows first
    who will be next host

    I put her on the list
    and made a link


  16. lovely interpretation!

    let's get rooted,
    while flying!

  17. I love how you get right to the heart of a theme. You can't get closer to the earth than this. Beautiful. I can smell that clay and feel it's chill.

    1. Dear Patrice,
      thank you for this theme...
      thank you, dear Ladies,
      for your words. Means a lot to me.

      Dear Julia is our next host with UNDERWATER LIVE/LOVE this weekend 05.+06. of May.


      PS. A bird called Norma twittered me that Stefanie has got a theme?



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