Samstag, 30. Juni 2012


 I am right-handed. I have always been. BUT...

my teeth I brush with the left hand, my non-dominant hand and

 I even foam up the milk and infuse with the left hand.

 Long time ago I done a internship at a friend of my parents who was a potter. Her atelier was on Fehmarn, so I was away from my family. It was a nice spring, we were close to the waterside and we did a lot of fictile work. We had a really wonderful time together.


In order to create this piece on the fast pottery-wheel 
I had to find my center (and of course of the wheel!) and a good feeling in both hands.

 Drawing I do usually with my right hand.... up to this point.

In the evening I've turned the light on of this lamp and started.

Dear Norma makes me feel like a child again... she is our teacher and hostess for this weekend's drawing challenge. 
Please take a look at her place, even for more participants.


No. 66 Who Am I

Now: No 67 Norma with
'Drawing With The Non-dominant Hand' at the 30th of June

Who is next?

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

In der Burg / At the Castle

 In der Burg am Eisenbach gehen die Umbauarbeiten voran. 
Im schwedischen Möbelhaus wurde dies und das gekauft und gemeinsam aufgebaut.

In the Castle at the Eisenbach the renovation progresses.
At the Swedish furniture shop were bought this and that and built up together.


Seit einer Woche sind Schulferien und ich bin ein bisschen mehr offline...
aber ich versuche immer wieder hier und bei Euch zu sein.
Auch zur dc 'NON-DOMINANT HAND' bei Norma an diesem Wochenende!

Since one week the kids have school vacation and I am a little bit more offline... 
but I try to be here again and again and with you.

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Schwesterherz / Sis

Mein liebstes Schwesterherz 
Du bist ein Jahr und vier Tage nach mir zur Welt gekommen
Als Zwillinge gehen wir durch diese
Auch wenn der große Teich nun schon viele Jahre zwischen uns liegt
Verbindet er uns doch.
Seit dem Foto oben sind genau drei Jahre vergangen oder sind es schon vier?
Auf jeden Fall ist es Dein Geburtstag gewesen!
So wie heute
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem 45. Geburtstag, liebstes Schwesterherz!

My dearest sis
You've came one year and four days after me into this world
As twins we go through this
Altough the pond is laying many years between us
he connects us.
Since the picture on top exactely three years passed or already four?
Anyhow is has been your Birthday!
So is today
Happy Birthday to your 45., dearest sis!

Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

dc: WHO AM I?

 Yes, who am I... ?

Am I today the result of my blurry past with many, many experiences so far? of my childhood with this special sister and parents? and family in the North of Europe? and environment? means conditions of socialisation in Hamburg, Germany?
Am I the result of my education? First school, than a Technical Drawer (because earning money and be on the right track...), after that Study of Communications Design with focal point Photography and Typography. 
I am working two or three days a week in an agency which provides all around the internet as a teamassistent at the front desk... not as a designer.

And what's about my today's own family with three children and husband?

 'Who Am I  - and if so how many?' is the title of a book (behind is a poster 'Fröknarna Solomon' watercolour by Swedish painter Anders Zorn, 1888). 
I've started to draw myself with a pencil from that picture I made with a long arm... and find more faces of me.  
The self portraits of Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck are coming in my mind... and I try to paint. That painting surprises me, 'cause that me is not laughing, rather looks a bit sad.


Tomorrow... I don't know. Only plans, wishes, imaginings...

Or: Am I this blog... 'Rose'?

 Or in the end am I only colours, am I oszillation, just changing energy?

Who knows?

Many questionmarks here, right?
Any questions from you to me?

Our sweet hostess Patrice A. asked 'WHO AM I?'.
For more tries to anwer please come to her marvellous place.


Now: No. 66 Patrice with 'WHO AM I?' at 23rd of June

Next: No 67 Norma with 'Drawing With The Non-dominant Hand' at the 30th of June

Who is next?

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Lindenterrasse (Louis Jacob)

Kennt ihr das Bild von Max Liebermann? Das von der Lindenterrasse des Hotels Louis Jacob an der Elbchaussee in Hamburg? Da wollte ich schon immer mal einen Kaffee trinken... mit Blick auf die Elbe, beschirmt von den blühend duftenden Linden.

Do you know the painting by Max Liebermann? That one of the terrace with linden trees of the Hotel Louis Jacob at the Elbchaussee in Hamburg? There I always wanted to have some coffee... with view on River Elbe, protects from blossoming scenting linden trees.

Jaa, manchmal werden Wünsche wahr!

Yippieh, sometimes wishes comes true!

 Danach bin ich mit meinem König der Burg am Eisenbach
an der Elbe entlang spaziert. Am Anleger haben wir den Bus genommen.

Afterwards I promenaded with my King of the Castle at the Eisenbach
at the River Elbe. At the pier we took the bus.

 Einmal möchte ich an einem 21. Juni in die 
Kathedrale von Chartres in Frankreich. 
Dann zur Sonnenwende, am längsten Tag des Jahres, 
fällt um 12 Uhr mittags ein Lichtstrahl durch eine Maueröffnung auf eine besondere Stelle in der Kathedrale... und verbindet so Himmel und Erde.
So wie heute.

One day I want to be on a 21th of June 
in the Chartres Cathedral in France. 
Then at the solstice, at the longest day of the year, 
at high noon a ray of light falls through a opening in the wall to a special place
in the Cathedral... and connects heaven and earth. 
So as today.


    Ihr Lieben,  i m Gegensatz zum Tagebuch, das nicht von Anderen gelesen werden soll, ist so ein Weblog etwas, das gerne geteilt wird. So ...