Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012


 Am Abend ist mir so romantisch zumute.
Ein Gefühl der tiefen Verbundenheit strömt durch mich hindurch.

At the eve I feel like its romantic.
A soul of deep connectivity streams through me.

Soeben habe ich bei Ritva in Finnland das gleiche kleine, großartige Leporello-Buch 
'truth is my identity' von Jane o'Sullivan entdeckt...

Just now I've found at Ritva's in Finland that same small, great fanfold-book
'truth is my identity' von Jane o'Sullivan...

 Und diesen gehäkelten Bubikragen hat Nicole aus New York City per Luftpost geschickt.

And this crocheted Peter Pan collar has sent Nicole from New York City via air mail.

 Im Schein des Abendlichts fotografiere ich diese duftenden Veilchen... 
es ist 22 Uhr. Ist es bei Euch auch so lange hell?

In the shine of evening sun I take pictures of these scented violas... it is 22 o'clock. Is there light with you such a long time, too?

6 Kommentare:

  1. as a matter of fact, there was huge grey light round here last night, not as romatically put as over at yours, our skies were rather opaque. {we've had a fair share of beautiful evening skies, so who's complaining, apart from the fact the t° are WAY low.}
    'truth is my identity' looks pretty amazing!
    ps - i love your german translation to the address on this weekend's dc!
    i had to say it out loud though, in order to get it. german doesn't come too easy ..

  2. dear romantic Ariane
    yes! the sky was beautiful last night
    we cleaned up on the farm
    all props from the musical
    then we sat by a fire drinking wine and beer
    talking about what has been
    and what will come

    about your comment
    that it hurts a little in your heart
    it does in mine
    and it moves me you see that

    Patrice A.

  3. dear Ariane, we had all kinds of skies here the past days, fast changing ones in every tone of grey, very dramatic but fascinating. But i love these early evening hours, the world seems to slow down,i'm surrounded by nothing but birdsongs and flower scents this time of year and a peacefull silence.
    Taking it all in, that big overwhelming feeling of like you say 'connectivity'.

    Jane's work is beautiful indeed.


  4. Hello Ariane,indeed romantic skies sometimes but also dark ones filled with rain.oeh,love those viola's :-)

  5. oh yes there is light up to about 11 something here... you have a collection of such beautiful romantic stuff and most of all romantic moments Ariane! Enjoy

  6. hello ariane ! I am so glad that you found my work through the lovely ritvas blog who I follow.Thank you for your support , it makes me so happy that my work means something to others x



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