Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

dc #140: nude

Here, close by Aix en Provence, France,
 I had my breakfast in the mornings after a lesson of yoga

at the weekend between two weeks
of a process of coming to term of the past, physically and psychologically stripped,

 I drove with three men to the Lac d'Esparron and impertinent, because even here nude, we immerged into delightful floods

I am very thankful for this experience for feeling those easiness 
and that they were really gentlemen... so this is a precious memory of freedom til today. 

Because of being nude is an intimate issue I can't show you this slides clear... and I have stopped taking photos of my kids when nude (even in a blurry manner). 

So, I search for the line of my own body in these sketches 
as a memento on a beautiful time.

For more nude, please take a look at Patrice's exciting blog. 
She has chosen the theme as our host of this (amazing!) 140th drawing challenge

Wish you a happy weekend!


today: 140th!! drawing challenge at Patrice's with nude


Susan will come up with a theme next weekend, the 5th + 6th of July
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Who is our next host?



Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014


Ein kleiner, sommerlicher Gruß

Das Foto habe ich vor 6 Jahren im Garten unseres Ferienhauses in Dänemark gemacht.
Hach, da würde ich jetzt gern sein... fern von Raufaserk(r)ämpfen (nur zwei Zimmer in der neuen Wohnung konnten wir davor bewahren... grmpf!) und Sortierwahn: meterweise oder besser: kiloweise alte Zeitschriften zum Altpapier gebracht, Bücher verkauft und jetzt sind die Vasen dran.

Langsam fühle ich mich nackt... 
wie passend:  nude ist das neue Thema unserer wöchentlichen drawing challenge von Patrice!


A small, summerly greeting

This picture I have made 6 years ago, when were in a cottage in Denmark.
Oh, I would like to be there... away from woodchip wallpaer fights (only 2 rooms in the new place we could save from it... grmpf!) and sorting craze: by the metre or better: by the kilo magazines brought to the waste paper recycling, sold books and now the vases are next.

Slowly I feel nudely...
how it fits: nude is the new theme of our weekly drawing challenge by Patrice!

I'll see you this weekend, hopefully, aRose.

Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Seelenruhige, sanfte Tage... natürlich gut gewürzt.
Ach, ist das Leben schön, wenn man ein gewisses Alter hat!

Calm, soft days... of course well-flavoured.  
Oh, life is beautiful, when one has a sort of age!

Ich finde Ruhe und mache mir diesen Ring... 

I find peace and make this ring for myself

pflege und genieße meine Blumen

care for and enjoy my flowers...

und das Licht...and the light

Vielen Dank für Eure lieben Geburtstagswünsche (auch hinter den Rosen:)

Thanks a lot for your sweet birthday wishes (even behind the roses:)

Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Dufte 48

 Lindenblüten und Rosen... Lime blossoms and roses...

deren Duft erinnert auch meine Mutter an meine Geburt 
(mir ist dieser Wohlgeruch so tief vertraut, ich könnte ihn Heimat nennen)

their scent reminds me even my mother of my birth
(to me this fragrance is so familiar, I could name it home)

Next drawing challenge at the weekend 28th + 29th of June at Patrice's and
Susan will come up with a theme at the first weekend of July, the 5th + 6th.

Have a nice day! 

Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014


Hereinspaziert! Come in!

Noch sieht sie zum Fürchten aus: unsere Wohnung ab August. Ja, wir ziehen um! 
Wir bleiben in der Burg am Eisenbach, werden aber dann mehr Platz haben :)

As yet it looks frightful: our home from August. Yah, we move! 
We stay in the Castle at the Eisenbach, but shall have more space :)

Gott sei Dank müssen wir hier nicht selber ran und die Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft saniert auch innen sehr gründlich (wir bekommen alle neue Sprossenfenster!). Wir dürfen auch Wünsche anmelden. Mein dringlichster: bitte keine Rauhfaser! 
Morgen früh treffen wir den Malermeister...

Thank God, we must not do it by ourselves and the housing cooperative refurbished even inside very radical (we got all new muntin windows!). And we are allowed to announce wishes. My urgent wish: no woodchip wallpaper, please!
Tomorrow morning we will meet the master painter...

Will come to your Cokes, this eve! And thank you for your comments :)

Any host in sight for the drawing challenge this weekend?

Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

dc #139: Coca Cola

From early youth to now I had admired the typography (and taste) of this brand. 
For me the paragon of buoyancy, it's energetic and light... refreshing. It fits to the effect when drinking this potation, made after a secrete recipe beside among other fixings by
coca leaves and cola nut.

I remember a night with 86°F in Sudan and then...
drinking a fresh opened, cold, small curvy bottle of it... aahhh, dope! heaven!

Is it the caffeine? or the sugar? or both together,
or... after all the coca leaves that makes refreshed and wide-awake??

Well, I think one can get addicted to it! So I have made this sugar-writing with cheque card on a mirror like a cocaine consumer.

Stimulated by a German Fritz Kola with lotsoflotsof caffeine inside...

 I do right after the photo session here some drawings of a coca bush in the colours of
Coca Cola...

our theme of this week's drawing challenge hosted by sweet Rachel
temporarily based at Atlanta, Georgia/USA.

Please visit her blog Hi Happy Panda for more Coke!

Wish you a refreshing weekend


today: No 139 Coca Cola at sweet Rachel's Hi Happy Panda

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