Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Dank je wel + Anpfiff, Monde

Dank je wel, Eric!

I am very pleased about your beautiful collage!


Wir stimmen uns ein

We put us in the right mood

Genau zum Anpfiff des Eröffnungsspiels sehe ich den Mond im Fenster gegenüber

Right at the opening whistle of the opener I see the moon in the window vis-à-vis


Are you in?

is our host of the 
139th drawing challenge with
 Coca Cola
this weekend


  1. Ariane, thanks for posting it. Glad you like it:) Nice to see it between your flowers.Eric

  2. Lovely moon Ariane. :) I was just thinking the same thing last night when I had to "rescue" a 20-something boy (Chloe's boyfriend) from being stupid at a party at 2am. That moon saved my sanity last


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