Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

dc #138: Upside down

I am glad (and surprised at), that the electrician
has worked after my plan for the new kitchen... Ay! something new is going on!


On my knees I work on my favorite place at the open balcony

Sweet Patrice turns us upside down this week. 
As our host of the 138th drawing challenge she has given us a theme that makes me feel giddy!

I make a lino cut and print it gold-coloured:
a motive of a tarot deck

the Hanged Man

Well, for me it has been clear from the outset, that I wanna cut in lino for upside down... but what? Then I've remembered these special card from the tarot. It shows a hanged man: look! his legs form a 4, sign for the earthly life, and his arms with sly hands form a triangle, a 3, sign for heavenlies. He need discernment for turning the things from this inverted position in a better order (in the other direction... 3 over 4). So, he will get some peace and inner harmony, find a new angle of view, letting go the old and create place for the new...

*sigh* it needs patience.

More of others' upside down you find at wonderful Patrice's place.


today: No 138 Upside down at Patrice's

. . .

Who is our next host?


16 Kommentare:

  1. Hi Ariane, That's a fantastic tarot card lino you carved and a perfectly fitted upside down experience! I haven't cut a lino since last summer. (has it really been that!) About time I get going on that. :) Are you going to carve yourself the whole tarot deck? I think that would be wonderful. One person I know uses a simple but ever so beautiful tarot deck ( and I keep thinking how lovely it would be to create one's own. But I don't know the first thing about tarot. :)

  2. Ariane!
    a huge smile ;^))))
    this is so about me! a linocut, upside down, the 3 and 4
    and all in golden, wauw.....
    thank you!

    now about that kitchen
    i so hope that this is the kitchen in your home to be!!

    a big hug
    with my both arms wide
    Patrice A.

  3. Ariane, make a reliëf from the wall of the kitchen. It's made for it, Love your lino. Gold, the Hanged Man is shining!! Letting go the old and create place for the new. I'm in the middle of this. So yes, you make me a happy person!

  4. ha! patience. beautiful meaning to that tarot card, i kinda like the hanged man, he is full of suprises, such as is life. you've done that lino proud, and by adding gold.... you've brought it right into another world. very, very lovely. you can start printing, sista, n♥
    good luck on the home improvements! i bet it is all very exciting, besides nerve wrecking... ;))))

  5. Hi, Ariane. Your lino cut is wonderful.
    I did not know about this Tarot card (do not really know much about Tarot) but it seems very interesting explanation about meaning of 4 and 3. I think I'll start to get interested in the subject. It is always good to create spaces of harmony. (with patience) and extend them to all those around us.
    gorgeous, your Upside down! :)

  6. There is a lot of patience involved in changing your life - or having it turned on its head....
    But I am learning that that is what true change is!
    I always had a superstitious fear of Tarot cards - so it was a lovely surprise to have this hanged man translated for me - thank you!

  7. Was für ein wundervoller Tarot-Linolschnitt! Gefällt mir sehr! Der Gehängte sieht, obwohl gehängt, irgendwie ungemein entspannt und fast schon gut gelaunt aus, so yogahaft wie er da hängt! Übrigens wirklich eine tolle Idee für eine Serie! Interessant auch die Bedeutungen der Karte, ich habe ja so gar keine Ahnung von Tarot und bin nun neugierig geworden...

  8. Dear talented Ariane! Again you have created a little precious work of art. I love it. And especially all of the symbolism contained in it. So positive. I like it a lot when art has a positive message/feeling/vibe/intent. And so this work is! Norma, x

  9. Dear Ariane, I do love your delicate images and lightness of your photos! And isn´t it wonderful to work outdoors.. and that is a lovely print:) xo Leena

  10. Wonderful lino cut Ariane! and I'll echo Veronica and encourage you to make a deck :)
    It's always chaos when the kitchen is out of commission- the heart of the house in a way and I'm glad you have an out door spot to retreat to- it obviously made for a great place to work- :)

  11. is that where you live? on the river? i hate heights but i love openness.
    your print is fab as usual. and with great meaning.
    a new kitchen! we are in the process as well. of course all is on pause while we are away, but look forward to finishing soon. new kitchens are a very good thing.
    i joined in this week a little late. and if there isn't a host for this weekend i'd like to be that host! let me know. :)

    1. thank you, dear Rachel! so nice to see and hear you again (yes, I can hear your voice:)
      Please be our host for this drawing challenge this weekend!
      Love, Ariane

  12. Your take on upside down is great Ariane! I love the fact that I now thanks to you I can see the hanged man in a different light and great I am not the only one with a house upside down!
    Really nice meeting you and I really like this Challenge.

  13. Ariane - I stand (hang?) in awe of your tarot image - linocut is such a perfect medium for portraying this ancient mode of discernment. Bravo! -sus

  14. hello,
    work on a ceiling could turn someone upside down, to work on it and maybe to worry about it. Hope all goes well with that.

    your carving is wonderful and i love your thoughts in interpreting it. These are things i did not know about that hanged man. Patience i suppose could be a bit like trust.... so much of this in life.

  15. Ah liebste Ariane, wie aufregend, neue Wohnung, neue Küche, neues Leben, hoffentlich wie der Gehängte, wo alles im flow ist und an seinem rechten Fleck. Sehr toll die Idee kit dem Gehängten und die Umsetzung! Und wenn dein Elektriker fertig ist, dann schick ihn mal zu mir, habe nämlich eine Stromleitung angebohrt, seufz.

    L.g. Barbara bee



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