Montag, 2. Juni 2014


Tolles Wetter und ein unbegrenzter Himmel locken uns nach draußen

Great weather and an unlimited heaven elicits us outbound

 Wir treffen uns an der Elbe am Leuchtturm mit Freunden auf ein Picknick

We meet at the River Elbe with friends at the lighthouse for a picnic

 Die beiden Schiffe erzeugten noch eine riesige Welle

The both ships generated a huge wave


Ich will noch draußen bleiben, aber meine Kinder wollen nach Hause...
Und, ich werde erhört: meine Kinder werden gefahren, mein Mann erwartet sie in der Burg und ich? Jaha, ich laufe 5km am Ufer entlang... rechts die Elbe und links den Waldpark Falkenstein, später tolle Häuser und Gärten, hach, gehe mein Tempo, meine Kamera dabei... wundervoll!

I want to be still outside, but my kids wanna go home...
And, I am heard: my kids are driven, my husband awaits them at the Castle and I?
Yesss, I walk 5km (3.1miles) along the riverside... to the right the River Elbe and to the left the forest park Falkenstein, later smashing houses and gardens, sigh, walk my own pace, my camera with me... wonderful!

 (Irena, mein Schwesterherz, hier stand ich, als wir telefonierten:
 vorn der Tanker, zu Füßen die Brombeere, im Rücken die Rosen, über mir der Himmel:)

Ich höre Küken zwitschern und finde zwei im Gebüsch

I hear fledglings chirps and find two in bush


Yesterday, I have heard the quacking of a goose in the backyard of the Castle:
flustered she run to and fro the wire mesh fence, again and again and quacks to her goslings on the brook Eisenbach, they replied with a cheep... the hen goose didn't found the exit.
I asked myself, why she could not fly up and land in the so close Eisenbach and swim to her goslings? I told my husband and he? he came down to the goose, showed her a hole in the fence, she slipped through and ran to water, had a good stretch and all was fine.

Well, sometimes we need a little help from a friend, when we can't find the key, right?

is the current theme of the drawing challenge hosted by Roberto this week... I will visit you soon... unlimited!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, liebste Azalee!

4 Kommentare:

  1. that sounds like the perfect escape and also a maginificent coorporation between partners and children! oh such a lucky woman you were, and what beauty you encountered on your way home...
    the image with the girl on the side of the picture is mesmerizing. all the other images, well, they are your travelogue, ariane, and i enjoy every single turn. oh, the vistas you've captured!
    thx for tugging us along, naturally i squealed!
    with a little help for oour gooses friends... ♥ warming. :)))

  2. What a perfect day and so nice that you got some alone time with your camera (and ice cream)

  3. I have come via Roberto and I so wish I could take gorgeous photos like yours. The icelollie right at the beginning made a great start to a lovely journey through your blog :) it looks real yum. Manon.

  4. gorgeous summer
    always shocks us with it's beauty.
    enjoy dear a,


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