Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

dc: Nr. 160! Birthday cake!

Happy birthday!

to newborn Emil, to Amina in Munich, to Lene of Frl. Miezi and to our host of this drawing challenge Katrin Seltner of Fischefrauen (on Saturday, the 28th of February) and all the other Geburtstagskinder!

I hope you enjoy this Black Forest cake :-b

More of Birthday cakes at Katrin's table

Is there a new host for the next drawing challenge?

P.S.: Packing my suitcase... school holidays...
ready to take off to Portugal (has been a while... and first time with kids)
via Berlin this weekend 


Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015


sehe ich nicht, was mir geblieben ist, die Fülle
Ich sehe die Lücke
All das, was nicht mehr da ist
finde ich andere Schätze
von denen ich noch nicht mal mehr wusste.

I can't see, what I have remained, the opulence
I see the gap
All that, what isn't there anymore
find other treasures
of these I not even know.

Wie dieses Negativ.
Ich habe es im Bücherschrank meiner Mutter, der jetzt hier steht, gefunden. Dieses Negativ habe ich noch nie gesehen... oder doch? Bloß anders herum? Ich erkenne meinen Großvater... und sind das da meine Tanten? Muss in den 20ern sein, beim Picknick im Wald nahe der Bille. Ich freue mich über diesen Fund und werde einen Abzug davon machen.

As this photographic negative.
I have found it in my mother's bookcase, which is here now. This negative image I have never seen before... or at least? The other way round? I recognize my grandfather... and are these my aunts? Must have in the 20th, on a picnic in the woods close to the river Bille. I am pleased with that find and shall make a print of it.

Auf die Zwischentöne kommt es an.

It depends on the nuances.

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Drawing challenge No 159: VEIN

Glee is running through my veins:
Spring comes, slowly but unstoppable!

Without green the branches still look like the structure of marble
 against the sky and springtime might be far away. But the fluids rises, yes...

(a cut out from a mag, unknown artist) 

and it looks like this outside, too, soon

For this week's drawing challenge I photographed (do you recognize the veins of the tulips' petal?) and paint (again) with water and pigments. Dear Veronica is our host with VEIN.
For more please visit hers.

Next weekend Katrin Seltner will be our host:

Thanks for your visit. I wish you a happy day!

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

dc: #158: AQUA

The whole week, 
since I know the theme of this drawing challenge, it was just like, you know, just like this color floats over my way.

Makes me wanna put on this aqua marine dress and go to a coast in the south, where the waters of the ocean give a dune a new form and seahorses live.

I am longing for Spring, for holiday... but for now I try my best with this aqua color and water some vernal flowers on our windowsill in the kitchen.

  Veronica Roth is our host today at the 158th of the drawing challenge with her theme AQUA. For me it is both here, color and water. You find more of it: please swim over to her place.

Dear Veronica Roth
is even for the next dc, the 159th, our host! Her theme is VEIN.
This weekend: 21st + 22nd of February

Katrin Seltner will be our host at the 28th of February and 1st of March.

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

dc #157: Gala dinner

Our current place Lionpalace is close to the Eisenbach. Now, in Winter time,
you can find pretty pattern on it.

With this on my mind, I search for a small newspaper clip, that shows Her Majesty the Queen, May 2007, brought out a toast during a Gala dinner in the White House in Washington. I treasured it because of the colors: creme white and gold together with black and then those red and violet... hmm, inspiring to me to make a painting... later.

I furbish the Silver and form new plates from air-drying clay,
press the doily into it and enrich it.

I bring some flowers (Anemones instead of Roses, surprise!) 
and paint this watercolor:

the Gala dinner

Please come to more places of glamorous Gala dinners via Katrin of Fische Frauen. She is our host of this week's drawing challenge, No 157.

(Did you find another dc here from January? It is toast ;)

Who is our new host for the next weekend? 

Veronica Roth is our host of the 158th drawing challenge 
this weekend 14th + 15th of Februry 2015 with :


Katrin Seltner of Fische Frauen will host the drawing challenge
at the weekend of the 28th of February + 1st of March

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

dc #156: the unexpected


when the life is topsy-turvey suddenly

doesn't matter why


we have the chance 
to look at our lifes 
from a different point of view.

we can see via the unexpected
and learn something new.

This week's drawing challenge #156 is hosted by dear Joke
and her theme is the unexpected. Thank you very much for keep on going with this fabulous drawing challenge, sweet friends!

We moved after 7 weeks in a hotel (B&B) in a beautiful new place: the Lionpalace. Our Castle at the Eisenbach will be renovated from the ground up (our place hasn't got ceiling nor floor, today) and after 1-2 years, when all is ready, we will return.

In the meantime I enjoy my new fruit ;-) and a fast internet connection, fresh flowers (tulips!) and a glass of peppermint tea

Thank you for your visit and please come to all the other players over at Joke's.

* pink cloth made by Alessandra Taccia


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