Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Drawing challenge No 159: VEIN

Glee is running through my veins:
Spring comes, slowly but unstoppable!

Without green the branches still look like the structure of marble
 against the sky and springtime might be far away. But the fluids rises, yes...

(a cut out from a mag, unknown artist) 

and it looks like this outside, too, soon

For this week's drawing challenge I photographed (do you recognize the veins of the tulips' petal?) and paint (again) with water and pigments. Dear Veronica is our host with VEIN.
For more please visit hers.

Next weekend Katrin Seltner will be our host:

Thanks for your visit. I wish you a happy day!

8 Kommentare:

  1. Schöne Bilder!
    Genieß Deinen Sonntagabend, Katrin

  2. Those are lovely photos Ariane and those tulips are my favourite type. I have yellow ones like that with those frilly edges in my garden. Can't wait to see them again this year. :D

  3. the veins of petals
    poetic tale of a nearing season
    a charming painting
    such a lovely post
    thank you ~

  4. beautiful soft coloured post.
    i'm looking at the magnolia buds outside my window each day, they give me hope every time and the certaintythat winter will not last forever.
    your tulips veins, fragile but canty, x

  5. One need only look around and there veins everywhere!

  6. beautiful - love the pastel colours mixed with the dark trees. Such beautiful veins of life. So lovely to see when my spring is still so very far away.

  7. beauty, he? that's what we're after and i sense it how you long for it to be out in the open! i do agree. we've been muffled right back onto ourselves, and now we finally can, simply must break out again. i never thought about bare trees reaching up like marble lines, what a terrific comparison. i've loved the bareness of things this winter, incidentally. it ties down all the unnecessary and one sees more, i find. n♥

  8. glee through your veins
    oh, yes i can see and feel it in this post
    spring is coming!!!!
    veins in the petals, the soft colors
    the green tree stretchen out to the sun
    thank YOU for this happy post
    it made my day lighter




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