Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

dc: #158: AQUA

The whole week, 
since I know the theme of this drawing challenge, it was just like, you know, just like this color floats over my way.

Makes me wanna put on this aqua marine dress and go to a coast in the south, where the waters of the ocean give a dune a new form and seahorses live.

I am longing for Spring, for holiday... but for now I try my best with this aqua color and water some vernal flowers on our windowsill in the kitchen.

  Veronica Roth is our host today at the 158th of the drawing challenge with her theme AQUA. For me it is both here, color and water. You find more of it: please swim over to her place.

Dear Veronica Roth
is even for the next dc, the 159th, our host! Her theme is VEIN.
This weekend: 21st + 22nd of February

Katrin Seltner will be our host at the 28th of February and 1st of March.

14 Kommentare:

  1. such lovely aqua images
    and painting too
    i have an aqua dress, it is vintage, and it does not feel subtle to wear it
    it feels like a celebration of life color when on

    lovely to have you sharing with us ~

  2. Nice post. You're so right: aqua makes us longing for spring. - eric

  3. always such a treat when that which is on our minds happens to our heart's content, and of course since you report back, we can enjoy your journey alongside winter aqua... spring, he. she'll happen too, for now, we can but hope for her. incidentally a good shiny sunday here, i hope with you guys just so. xn♥

  4. Wow, dieses Kleid! Das ist ja supergenial - will ich haben! Ja, mir ging es auch so mit der Farbe, wenn man sich erstmal auf was eingeschossen hat, dann sieht man es überall. Wunderschönes Blumenvasen-Wasser-Blumen-Arrangement - Ariane ist wieder da!
    barbara bee

  5. so schöne Eindrücke von Deiner Woche!
    x Stefanie

  6. Das Kleid nehme ich gerne. Danke für deine Einblicke.

  7. Oooh la la I want that dress and the sea horse behind it!
    May spring bring you the cheerfulness of colours and warmth.
    Have a great week, Ariane. xo Carole

  8. Oh so very true! Seahorses and spring skies! I love your flower arrangements and also love the sunshine floating in on them. That's what we're missing so much here int he North West. Bring on the sun! Big hugs for a lovely week ahead sweetie.
    PS, I have time, so if no one comes up to organise next weekend, I can do that with Vein. I was in the garden noticing the spring circulation in the buds and in my cats running like mad, and in the hummingbird darting and chasing them. Vein feels right for this week. I'll announce it on Tuesday unless someone else wants to step in. :D

  9. I had spotted the pinches of Aqua on your IG account already, and when seeing the dress, I was:" Wow, can I have it?!" Spring would be so nice right now; easy flying days by the see, all the Blues and Greens and maybe a little Mint Ice Cream. Ok, I am getting carried away... a little. x Annton

  10. Das Kleid ist einfach toll ...ich wünsche mir auch den Frühling, dein Aquarell erinnert mich an das erste Grün mit blauem Himmel - schön.
    Herzliche Grüße

  11. such a pretty still life on your windowsill, i could look at that all day ....and much, much longer , so good you're back here x

  12. Beautiful art! and beautiful bottles!!!!!!!!!



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